Wasting time again. Thanks Internet!

May 23, 2006

This started out as an attempt to post a quick, off-the-cuff, jocular response on my friend’s blog: http://marknichol.blogspot.com/

But of course, you have to be logged in to post comments. Fair enough. I’m not some pasty-faced internet virgin, you know. I know all about the perils of multiple user accounts and passwords and handing out reams of personal information online. I’ll just quickly throw together a junk blogger account (www.mailinator.com here I come), post my witty one-liner and make like a tree…

Two hours later, here I am composing the first post on my shiny new blog. Because I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, you see, especially when it comes to lists. So upon editing my profile and being confronted with three “Favourite X of ALL TIME!” lists, I knew I could put less pressing tasks on hold, brew up a brew, and crack my knuckles pointedly several inches above the keyboard; these things take time! And that reminds me, I must add Back to the Future to my Favourite Movies list.

Okay, so maybe more will come of this, and maybe not. But as some Big Changes™ are about to happen in my life–whether I want them to or not–I’ve recently been in more of a blogging mood. You know, when it feels like the stuff you have to say might actually be worth reading.

Maybe you’ll feel the same way and we can make sweet Internet together.


One Response to “Wasting time again. Thanks Internet!”

  1. Mark Says:

    Haha! Welcome to the front line my friend. I’ll observe with interest…–>

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