Steve Easterbrook: Round Two

June 9, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to a cringingly-funny interview with Steve Easterbrook, UK Chief Exec of McDonald’s.

Well, he’s back. This time it’s in an interview on BBC radio. (And, yes, despite what you might initially think after listening to the first 60 seconds, it is a different interview.)

At first, it was like the attack of the roflcopter, as Mr. Easterbrook once again demonstrates his consummate inability to answer a direct question or, in fact, say anything substantive whatsoever. The hilarity was such that I could barely stop myself spraying tea all over my keyboard as I listened again to his earnest pledges to “run the business in an increasingly transparent manner”, “separate the facts from the fiction” and “lift the lid off the business to allow the people to see it for themselves”.

To his credit, he does eventually manage to shoehorn some examples and percentages in between the rhetoric this time around. Apparently, they’ve reduced the salt on their “world-famous fries by 30% in the last two years”. Good times lie ahead.

But it’s Eric Schlosser’s (author of Fast Food Nation) comment which sums the whole thing up: “it’s kind of hard to have a debate with someone who’s already been taped.”

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