Videogames + wiggaz + wack rhymes = internet bliss

June 20, 2006

Ch-ch-check it out:

64K – 1337

(64K is the name of the “band”; 1337 is the song, noobs.)

I found this on boingboing. I usually don’t like just blogging a link without any meaningful comment, but since this one combines at least three of my top ten favourite pastimes–videogames, incredibly lame rhymes and interneticana–I couldn’t resist. I nearly choked on my Coco Pops when the PC-phreak (“never owned a console, just a PC…”) spat his Adrock-influenced verse about pwning noobs, and you will too… Seriously, watch out for that one.

The fact that they somehow managed to shoehorn a potted history of the entire videogame industry from Commodore 64 to SNES to Playstation into a five minute rap is surely further evidence of their comedic genius. And I’ll certainly remember to wear my safety goggles in future when I’m dropping finely-crafted raps and racking up frags in UT2004, that’s for sure.

Hey, wait a minute: “rackin’ up frags” rhymes with “capturin’ flags”, right? I think I feel a rhyme brewing already.


2 Responses to “Videogames + wiggaz + wack rhymes = internet bliss”

  1. High-C Says:

    I don’t know why BoingBoing won’t link it, but has tons of stuff like this. has all the latest nerdcore hip-hop news, tracks and links, too.


  2. lostmoya Says:

    Nerdcore? Woah, you’re not kidding!

    “Playing like an angel” was pretty dope actually. I like the way you flip-reversed it with the acoustic guitar solo in the middle eight. Seriously, thanks for the links.

    P34C3 0u7 bR0!

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