It’s Hammertime once again!

July 6, 2006

(from some comments on a Digg post)

MC HammerApparently, Hammer released a new album in February — “Look, Look, Look (Lookx3)” — which is now available via I-Tunes. You can watch the hilarious video for the single at Google Video, but what’s really worth reading is his blog (linked above). Some choice quotes are below (warning: those who look back fondly on a time when wearing enormous clown pants was seen as hip may experience intense feelings of disillusionment):

“My dreads, my bald head, and my grill are a part of me. They are not “me” because I am not what I wear. They are to me as war paint is to a warrior. My dance is my cry. Feel my power and yet witness my grace. I speak through the dance.”

“There is no age requirement or limit and no respect of persons to this dance. If you relate to the conditions and recognize the symptoms join in. I’m hyphy. Hyper. I can’t stop moving.”

“I MC Hammer am back dancing because the world needs to dance and Hip Hop needs leadership. No leadership is like no father. Wisdom comes from living life.”


Yep, these are the actual words of MC “Please don’t hurt ’em” Hammer, back to teach us the dance of life with a fairly pedestrian hip-hop song. Wonders never cease.

But, seriously, on the rest of his blog there are some pretty heartwarming stories and pics of him with his boy. And, hey, I can’t rag on him too hard because the bottom line is the guy’s clearly passionate about what he’s doing. I’m just not entirely sure what that is.

So this is the new Hammer: Before it was “2 Legit 2 Quit!”. Now it’s “Feel the power; witness the grace!”. Not quite as punchy, but at least he ditched the pants.

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