Live Insects Challenge Humans in Bizarre Computer Game

July 8, 2006

In Wim van Eck’s project, humans square off against real crickets in a modified version of Pac-Man:

Full story at livescience.
(from Digg)

The best thing about this article is the deadpan implication that we may be able to use this project as some kind of pre-emptive training for fighting real-life alien bug wars in the future:

“If we’re going to fight insectile aliens, we certainly need to start somewhere; Wim van Eck’s project is a fine beginning.”

I guess the next challenge will be figuring out how to make World of Antcraft so that we can hook the potential offworld invaders on endlessly levelling up their virtual buggy avatar. Then, when they run out of credits to pay their monthly subscription to Blizzard, we can kick their worthless insectoid hides off our planet — by that time, of course, their formerly strong multi-limbed bodies will have decayed and grown weak from months of inactivity sitting around playing an MMORPG.

Bring it on!

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