Link Visualization By Yahoo

July 28, 2006

A couple of days ago, I blogged about the potential future impact of Digg’s stack and swarm visualization systems on web design and surfing. Well, Techcrunch has run a similar story about Yahoo Korea’s link visualization project, Webzari:

Yahoo’s Webzari visualizes link search (full story)
(via Digg)

Of course, it’s all in Korean, but the idea is that you search for a site and Webzari gives you a graphical representation of the sites that link to your searched webpage in terms of size: bigger, brighter planets = bigger sites. Something like this could be useful for bloggers. It’d enable them to see at a glance which sites are linking to their blog and check out who’s the biggest. As it stands, it’s a little on the childish and wacky side since it uses planets, rockets and space, but I can definitely imagine a slicker version, a la Digg’s recent efforts.


2 Responses to “Link Visualization By Yahoo”

  1. milo Says:

    Didn’t konw this feature, thanks for the tip.

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