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March 17, 2007

I just joined Facebook, the latest web 2.0 social networking site du jour, and I can’t help but think, how much social networking is too much?

To be honest, I hardly do anything with my myspace site these days, but it’s useful for keeping up with gig dates for local bands. Speaking of which, I’m off to see one of the best bands to grace the local music scene in years this Tuesday (at least, I think so). The Eye Jab – check them out, kids – mix angular, Smiths-esque quirkiness with a good nose for melodies and thoughtful, occasionally profound lyrics. They’re all under 20, too. If these guys don’t go on to Great Thingsβ„’, there is no justice. 40mph is clearly the win on so many levels.

But back to the social networking.

So, now that I’ve got a presence on myspace, flickr,, and facebook, how am I going to keep up to date with all my friends paging me and messaging me every minute of every hour? Well, I probably need some kind of meta-social network engine which mines all the data from every web 2.0 site I’m a member of, and displays it in one simple-to-use at-a-glance page. In much the same way as popurls and original signal keep me up to date with the latest web buzz. There’s probably something like this out there already, but maybe it’s better if I don’t find out about it…


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  1. lostmoya Says:

    Wow! A pingback. I feel honoured…

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