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March 23, 2007

Not so long ago, I upgraded my mobile to a Samsung D900:

Samsung D900

It’s a pretty fly piece of kit, I’m sure you’ll agree. Particularly since it incorporates a 3 megapixel camera, which has all sorts of options I’m sure I’ll never even use. Yup, now I can decide whether I want the exposure to be centre-weighted, or whether the white balance should be incandescent… Seriously, you can perform all manner of slick tricks with this bad boy, like taking a 15 shot multi-shot pic with flash, or adding frames and effects to your image. Dope! (Well, it is to me, because up until last month I was used to a rather clunky old Nokia 1MP cameraphone.)

Sweet as this is on its own, it’s made even better with a couple of indispensable accessories. So I decided to get with the times and add a couple of gadgets, and now I’m not sure how I lived without them.

First up is the Belkin bluetooth USB adapter thinger:

Belkin Bluetooth

You’ll need something like this to enable you to effortlessly transfer all your amateur flickr wannabe shots onto your PC, so you can upload them to Internet, and impress all your friends on myspace and facebook with moody jaunty-angle shots. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that I recently updated my photo in the About Me section of my blog. Now you can see what I actually look like, instead of my oh-so-mysterious avatar. Oh happy day!

And all thanks to the Samsung D900, in conjunction with Belkin’s sleek bluetooth widget. It’s seriously simple, even for a complete techno-dunderhead: Install the software, stick in the dongle, link up to your mobile, and go! To prove it, here’s a picture I took just now of me writing this blog. Inspiring!

Blog pic

The other essential piece of kit is the Sandisk MicroSD 1GB memory card:

Sandisk Micro SD 1GB

This thing is unbelievably small. Seriously, it’s not much bigger than a grain of rice or something. And it was only six quid. For a piece of techno kit the size of a small insect: unbeatable value!

If you’re into taking pictures, video, or storing a reasonable amount of music on your mobile, then this, or its 2GB big brother, is not even an optional extra. What’s more, it’s even easier to use than the bluetooth woggle. Just stick it in your mobile and you’re good to go. My Samsung instantly recognised the memory card and came up with an extra menu item in the “My Files” section. Then it was just a case of transferring some music to my mobile via Bluetooth, and moving it to my memory card. One small word of warning: it takes a short ice age to move more than 10MB of files from phone memory to the memory card, so it’s best to do this in short controlled bursts… Just like firing an Uzi.

I’m currently using it to store all my videos and 60 mp3s, and it’s not even a third full. I reckon I’ll be able to store just under 200 songs and 20-odd videos on here, which is more than enough for my modest needs. Of course, the D900’s music player function is not a patch on an I-pod or derivatives, but for a quick and dirty alternative, you could do a lot worse.


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