What’s In A Chicken McNugget?

March 24, 2007

A recent entry in Al Nye The Lawyer Guy’s blog reveals all:

So What Really Is In A McDonald’s Chicken McNugget?
(via Reddit)

No, it’s not recycled chicken guts, or pig saliva, or any of the other thousand and one unsavoury substances that may have popped into your head in the last five seconds. It turns out it’s mainly corn, and corn-based derivatives. 56 per cent corn, in fact. Everything from the corn-fed chicken to the cornstarch in the batter and – ominously – the ‘filler’.

Besides the corn, of course, there’s your everyday potent mixture of toxic synthetic chemicals, including tertiary butylhydroquinone, which in large doses (i.e. >1g) can cause adverse reactions, like vomiting and nausea. Good thing it comprises less than 0.02 per cent of the oil in the McNugget, then!

All this is probably nothing new, but still rather disconcerting, especially when I’ve made a date with the irresistible-looking Burger King Three Pepper Angus Burger sometime within the next two weeks:

Three Pepper Angus Ad

Butylhydro-what? I just see a tasty-looking burger. I mean, fried peppers and a pepper-cheese sauce…? That’s good eating.


2 Responses to “What’s In A Chicken McNugget?”

  1. newmw Says:

    Lol, yuck! I always did compare the meat at MacDonalds with the McFlurry they got there (you know, the smashed M&M ice cream which is just debris from the M&M factory). Meat is probably the same at MacDonalds, debris from the meat factory.

  2. Sam Cornish Says:

    Why Are’nt They Called Corn Nuggets If They Are Made From 56% Corn? It Makes No Sense To Call It A “Chicken Nugget” And It Is UnEthical. X

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