May 13, 2007

It seems BBC reporter John Sweeney’s been getting a bit hot under the collar about Scientology:

This clip may or may not be shown on Monday night’s Panorama programme, which is a special investigation by Sweeney into the darker side of the brainwashing cult — oops, I mean fine, upstanding religion, of course.

For the full background story (at least from Sweeney’s point of view) on the above shouting match, you can read this BBC news story. Here’s a relevant quote to whet your appetite:

While making our BBC Panorama film “Scientology and Me” I have been shouted at, spied on, had my hotel invaded at midnight, denounced as a “bigot” by star Scientologists, brain-washed – that is how it felt to me – in a mock up of a Nazi-style torture chamber and chased round the streets of Los Angeles by sinister strangers.

Back in Britain strangers have called on my neighbours, my mother-in-law’s house and someone spied on my wedding and fled the moment he was challenged.

Do you understand?

UPDATE 14/07/07: You can watch the full report on the BBC Panorama website now. It’s seriously sinister.


2 Responses to “YOU WERE NOT THERE!1111”

  1. M Nizzle Says:

    Undoubtedly the best scene from one of the best programmes I’ve seen in a long while. Brilliant.

  2. Nathan S. Says:

    Definately strange things happen in this world, most of us overlook most of them and do not even realise that their there. Honestly thinking about it if we knew everything that was going on “behind the scenes” we would all probably go completely mad!

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