I Want One – A Hang Drum

June 2, 2007

This is a hang (pronounced ‘hung’ or ‘hong’):

Hang Drum

And this is how a hang is played:

Pretty sweet, eh? My prediction is that this will become the number one must-have present for all self-respecting musos come Christmas 2007. I know I’ll be putting one on my list; if only I could find out how much they cost. The only price I’ve found to date was on a Swedish E-bay site or something, which put it at 2,500 Euros. Pretty steep for what looks like a tin lid.

UPDATE: 15/08/2007: I’ve found that a lot of people reading this post are coming to my blog having searched for “how to buy a hang drum”. I expect that they’ll be disappointed with this post which is, essentially, a mild expression of interest in a truly unique instrument. Try reading my latest post for more information on why it’s so damn difficult to get hold of a hang drum.

UPDATE: 24/04/2009: Almost two years on and the discussion is still going strong. Check out Tim’s latest comment for some great up to date information.


86 Responses to “I Want One – A Hang Drum”

  1. Paul Says:

    I heard one the other day in Wells, a busker was playing one. It sounded fantastic. I want one too. He was playing a D Dorian one. Are they really that expensive, is no one in the UK distributing them.

  2. lostmoya Says:

    Well I haven’t been able to source one yet from “regular” drum-type dealers.



  4. Noah Says:

    i saw two guys busking these in barcelona, one had a website on a sign that was http://www.hang.ch ive been there but it doesnt exist. ive wanted one scince then, that price is alot though, but it would be worth it.

  5. anna Says:

    Yo … I’d like to buy a hang; hung; or hong drum. All i can find are websites that have people complaining about how they’d like to have one too. So obviously someone could make some cash if they wanted to sell ME ONE! Please… help me out. It’s too great of an instrument to not be played…. I know one of ya’ll have one sitting in the back of there closets….. Id be greatful… verymusch soo..


    http://www.myspace.com/annaslovichmusic 🙂

  6. […] my blog stats in WordPress. Recently, I noticed that a lot of people come to this blog to read my Hang Drum post. In fact, it’s one of the most popular posts on this […]

  7. a kid Says:

    i am 12 years of age and i heard a busker playin down the street so me and my mum had a look and i was stunned my jaw droped and i thought were can i get one and i don’t care how exspensive they are there so amazing plzzzz help me get one…

  8. lostmoya Says:

    Hi a kid. Try reading my newest post:


    You’ll need to travel to Europe and be ready to lay down around $500.

  9. Kirby Says:

    wow. I want one. I’m getting one. period. and excellent playing.

  10. Ale Romo Says:

    Hola soy de México…Navegando en la red descubri ell Hang……om
    Su sonido es tan hermoso como sagrado…es un sonido del no tiempo…
    Su música alegra y pacifica corazón….
    Es mágico!!

  11. jonathan key shelton Says:

    Hello. I am a 30 year old percussionist living on Waiheke Island in New Zealand (just outside Auckland). I am an avid percussionist player and collector. Like everyone else I would love to get my hands on a Hang Drum. I have a Handsonic percussion controller with a simaliar sound, but not nearly as cool as the real thing. I am curious, do the Swiss makers have a patent on this design? I mean if the demand is so great and they produce so few, what stops someone else from replacating and distrubuting these beauties to all of us salivating percussionists at a fair price, aye?

    • alesha Says:

      I am also from New Zealand and I have not found one music store selling them here =( I also think that they should replicate them I mean they would sell quite well hmmm…

  12. lostmoya Says:

    Jonathan, you’re by no means alone. Check out the comments thread on my other hang drum post: several people mention trying to make a hang.


  13. Splashita Says:

    Like many of you, I first saw the hang being played in Barcelona several years ago. I thought it was totally unique until I heard another one being played around the corner! Wow! The attached website explains why they are so hard to get ahold of, check it out and get in line!


  14. Rashka Says:

    I saw hang drums being played…it’s wonderful. Would you happen to know how much they are sold for and where to buy one? I am very interested in learing to play but have no idea how to start.

    Thank you for your help.

  15. G.Slave Says:

    Hi, the instrument is amazing!
    I’m interested to buy one and i want to tell me where can i fount it!

    thenk you for yous time!

  16. Garrett Terminus Says:

    I’ve got one…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!and it’s every bit amazing as you think it could be. I busk, play shows and travel the world showing it to people.
    Maybe i am coming to atown near you, soon.
    myspace.com/ringmaster343 or something like that……

  17. lostmoya Says:

    Post a youtube video, Garrett.

  18. nejc Says:

    you think that i can get one here in slovenia?

  19. Danial Says:

    I live in Wanaka New zealand I badly need one bro help me!!!!!!!

  20. Amanda Says:


  21. Andreas K. Olsen Says:

    I think the problem is over. I Hvae some friends in Denmark, who’s trying out and are making the first prototypes right now. I live there (sometimes) and im going to meet them in a few days where they will give me one. I think its a cheaper model, but stil that amazing sound. And the price, of cause are much lower.

    Andreas K. Olsen

    • Eric Says:


      did your freinds ever develop a hang type
      drum ?

      if so …pls send me contact details
      thanks : – )

  22. DIMITRIS Says:

    Hi to all..
    where can i buy a hang drum?

  23. the source Says:

    they are very rare and expensive the 2 inventors handcraft that’s why they are rare next time you meet somebody playing ask them where they got it.

  24. Hi, I’d love to buy a hang drum, I live in Portugal, where could I found one. Can I order one from the factory?
    Big hug,

  25. ricardo malman Says:


  26. suresh Says:

    I want to buya hang drum. Where can I get one?

  27. ricardo malman Says:

    suresh, writte me and i will tell you how to get one hang drum….

  28. notasucker Says:

    malman is a fraud…..dont send him a cent

  29. gregory Says:

    hi i`m in grece n\and i want to buy a hang drum please help me

  30. ricardo malman Says:

    Yes gregory, i still have two hang drum…tell why do you want one…i can send to ou to grece by fedex.

  31. ricardo malman Says:

    notsucker doenst know what hi is talking about it.He wanted me to send him first the two hang drum and pay me later…so…who is a fraud?he’s!!!

  32. didier brard Says:

    hi Gregory…you are located in Athenes?
    i have 1 hang drum from the year 2006 and want to sell.So, send an email and we can discuss about it.

  33. Tim Says:

    Here is a good site about them, for some reason I can’t find a site that appeared to be the actual company site, but this is a site that seems reliable and legit. I say this only because I noticed a number of sites claiming to be distributors, which may be true but seems suspect since all that I’ve read suggests there are two or three people on Earth capable of making the originals, the inventors at Panart.


    They currently cost about 700 or 800 Euro’s (I think), but you may have to wait in line for one, for months or years.

    There are two other companies who are now copying the Hang Hang (plural for Hang, the proper name of a single instrument according to the creators).

    They sound very similar and I suspect that Panart hasn’t patented the design using an industrial design patent to protect it’s shape, or a utility patent to protect it’s method of function (or can’t do so) or the other companies would be unlikely to copy them because of patent protection.

    Another alternative is to make a “Hank Drum” which is inspired by the Hang and can be made out of a NEW propane tank and sound pretty damn good OR there are a number of small companies or individuals who now make their own versions of the Hank drum and sell them through E bay auctions and online, the one that looks and sounds the best out of these is called the “Hapi Drum at http://www.hapitones.com/

    Out of the growing set of alternatives, shy of the direct copies…the hapi drum seems to be the best design and sound IMO and it costs $375 U.S.

    I recommend it only because I am seriously considering getting one myself. It appears that the copycat companies will likely be mass producing theirs soon and their cost and availability is hopefully more reasonable than the originals.

    I hope and expect that Panart will never lose their prestige as the Rolls Royce of the instrument they invented, but I do hope more people in the world get the chance to use and appreciate what they have created.

    The original is also on my list of WILL HAVE, when my means allow.

    I hope this helps.

    Tim (a fellow fan of this amazing instrument).

    • Michael Says:

      I want to comment to some of tim’s statements:

      The page you linked ( http://www.hang-music.com/hang.php ) is “reliable and legit” but as you can see at the publishing date (2005) a bit outdated. It describes the situation in 2005 which has changed in many aspects.

      The current situation how to purchase a Hang from PANArt is described in my article “How do I acquire a Hang which I updated a few days ago: http://www.hangblog.org/2006/11/27/how-to-buy-a-hang/

      Regardin the two new “Hang copies”: We will have to see wether they can be an alternative to the PANArt Hang. By now I only know a few YouTube videos an I’m sceptic whether someone who search for the original Hang sound will be pleased with them.

      The “Hank Drums”, for example the Hapi, are not an alternative to the Hang. The only similiarity is that they are round and that you play them with the hands. I recently had the opportunity to play a Hapi. The sound is quite different. If you like it, it will please you, but not as an alternative for a Hang.

      If you want to keep up with all important information regarding the Hang, visit the Hang Forum: http://www.hangforum.com

      Michael (author of the Hangblog)

  34. RedDeath Says:

    Hi, i want to buy a hang drum, does anybody can help ?
    Write me at email reddeathka@gmail.com

  35. dutra Says:


  36. lucia Says:


  37. gorca Says:

    que pasa con tanto comentario de bell,hanart.artmetal,lo unico que haceis es crear desconfianza

  38. Thanasis Says:

    hi, im from greece and i am really intrested in buying a hang drum can anyone help me?

    please contact me if so!!

  39. fotis Says:

    same here,let me know if you have one for sale


  40. Tim Says:

    Thanks for the update Michael, much appreciated:-).

    No a HAPI drum is not a hang (and I have no affiliation with them btw, it’s just the best choice I found online to date), but it’s configuration for playing and the fact that it’s basically a melodic “drum” are similar.

    Let’s be honest here, hang hang are basically an upside down steel drums. Developed though though they may be.

    It’s a world cheaper, and probably much more attainable for many people, and the guy making them seems to be putting in effort to see that they’re tuned well.

    Since I’m in Japan, all my information comes from online sources, and I haven’t had the luxury of playing any hang or “hang like” instruments in person.

    I’d LOVE to, and will own a hang, but for those who can’t afford it, or can’t justify it’s expense it is still an alternative. The “hank drum” is too, which I certainly would have built myself by now had I found even a single propane tank of reasonable size ANYWHERE in Japan.

    I have every intention of owning a hang, EVENTUALLY.

    The problem here is clear, Panart’s creation of scarcity (whether by their insistence on quality (hat’s off to them if that’s the case), production capacity or other reasons make it expensive, time consuming and impractical to get the genuine article.

    I will be in the fortunate position to write the letter, wait, fly to Switzerland (according to their schedule), and pay the cost. Many, to most people in the world don’t have that luxury.

    Realistically MOST people who want one will probably never be able to acquire it, or will need to make it a major priority in their live’s to get one. So for those who don’t have the freedom of schedule, money, or time I’m simply suggesting alternatives.

    The one, who’s link I can’t find was another company’s attempt to copy the hang (it looked virtually identical) and sounded very similar online.

    Unless Panart has, and enforces their intellectual property on hang hang, it will only be a matter of time before a big company mass produces something similar enough and with sufficient supply, and at a lower price to fill the demand PanArt either can’t, or won’t fulfill.

    The Panart guys will still have a lifetime of work and orders ahead of them regardless.

    If by the end of their careers no one has duplicated hang hang, and they don’t pass on how to make them it would be a tragedy, don’t you think?

    More over, wouldn’t it be a tragedy if say, 1 to 10% of the people who want one, have the purchase price but never get a hang simply because they can’t pick it up in person, or can’t wait, or don’t live long enough to get one?

    For those who have the means, get the hang, for everyone else, isn’t it great you can make or buy something similar enough to enjoy playing something you may otherwise never get to play?

  41. patricia Says:

    i’m looking for a hang drum to buy

  42. Vasilis Says:

    Hello Every one!
    I want to buy badly a hang drum….
    im from Greece and living in athens…
    So if any one has a Hang for sale…
    just tell me… 🙂
    contact me at


  43. dafnanuriel Says:

    hey everyone,

    I’m looking to buy a second hand hang drum, of course I’m paying for the delivery…
    I treat people with sound, and I think this would be an amazing instrument for that,

    please contact me if you’re selling


    • ale Says:

      hey…how did u get the first?..i read something about writing an e mail to the Panart….have you their e mail?
      thank you for the help!!

  44. Alex Says:

    Hellow i’m from Russia, if some one can sell a panart hang drum, mail me homos4pien@gmail.com

  45. ale Says:

    for dafnanuriel…
    how did u get the first hang??…

  46. MelodyMaster Says:

    Hi all!
    Im looking to purchase a Hang, although im still waiting to get a new one, I would like to acquire a second hand one to start creating beautiful music.

    If anyone is able to help me please do so 😉

  47. madman Says:

    i want a hang drum! bad!!! i just made a cajon drum and it sounds ok. i tried to make a hang drum out of a old propane tank and i think it sounds like crap so im on the look out for a real one can any one help?

  48. Danny Says:

    all, I am selling my second gen Hang #428 due to unfortunate
    circumstances that have imposed themselves upon my life. Considering my
    history with this community and this instrument, this is a very, very
    hard thing for me to do. It is also hard for me to try to get as high a
    …price as I can. But unfortunately, I am not in a position …to
    offer it otherwise. I am sorry. I am taking offers via my email :
    imagineyehandpan at yahoo dot com. More info can be found here : http://www.handpan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1052 When
    an agreement is reached, I will send my Hang to Kyle at Pantheon Steel
    to ensure it is in the very best shape it can be. As it is being sold
    for a profit, this hang will not be tuned by PANArt. But I have had
    experience and great faith in Kyle and am confident in his abilities. I
    only do this to ensure a happy Hang owner. I know of no other seller
    that has offered this assurance. This sale is not a fraudulent sale or
    scam. In consideration of my position on a popular online Hang forum, it
    would be foolish of me to offer anything but a legitimate sale.So please send only serious bids to imagineyehandpan @ yahoo dot com, or send a message to me via Facebook. Thank you! and good luck!-Danny – “Imagineye”

  49. StillWaiting Says:

    One just sold on eBay for over $5000, and there’s another listed on there now for close to $8000.

    I think I’m gonna look into maybe getting a Halo or Spacedrum instead: http://hubpages.com/_3kydcb5kioqrw/hub/Hang-Drum-Alternatives-for-Sale-Children-of-the-Steel-Pan

  50. frank Says:

    someone help me find a hang drum ive been trying to find a somewhat cheap one for ever… please someone

  51. Tim Says:

    If you’re looking for an authentic Hang Drum or the closest new equivalent to it here


    neither will come cheap, think about $1000 to $2000 plus, and I doubt you’ll find any below that price.

    There are alternatives financial mortals like you and I can access:


    which are still in the $400 range when I last checked, there are many others just google “hang drum”.

    These seem to be the best price and sound per dollar IMO (but I’m not a musician, just a novice).

    for the best price you should look at making one using these instructions:


    the template is here:

    I’m in Japan where I have not been able to find a propane tank like the ones used in gas BBQ’s in North American or I’d have built a “hank drum” years ago:-?

    Short of learning how to hand pound your own steel pan, a tongue drum seems to be the most accessible alternative.

    If you want the real thing, expect to spend $1500 dollars plus.

    Good luck.

  52. anastasios Says:

    hi,i m from greece and i wand to by a panart hang drum. tasosdoy@yahoo.gr m email if someone can halp me.thanx

  53. shyena Says:

    I would like to buy a hang drum how much do you want for yours

    • Michael Says:

      A tank drum is not an alternative to a Hang.
      I would prefer a vibraphone to a tank drum, because it is chromatic and you can easily dampen it with the pedal.

  54. trevor anglesey Says:

    i realy wont a hang drum but i cant find a web site to buy on. i love all kinds of weird instruments and willing to pay

  55. Scott Dido Says:

    Greetings brothers and sisters, noticing last post was several months ago, I thought I should do a temperature check on availability. Search for one these remarkable panart hang drums. If selling new or used original please contact me. Thanx.

    • Tim Says:

      There is an alternative to the Hang produced by a company called Pantheon Steel that produce a product called a Halo. They are fundamentally the same thing, but tuned to different scales.

      They’re neither cheap, nor easy to get, there’s a waiting list, but unlike Panart (when last I heard) they are still being produced.

      • Michael Says:

        This is a false information. In contrary PANArt build more Hanghang per year than Pantheon Steel Halos.

        Also the Halo is not fundamentally the same. There are important differences in size, shape, weight, material, tuning method, sound, and the way you can play it.

      • Tim Says:

        I had made a somewhat long post to Micheal’s comment, but I navigated away and lost it before posting, and I refuse to waste any more time commenting on it.

        In short, I’m not a musician, but the two instruments are VERY similar in shape, material, and playing method, as well as similar in sound to the layperson, your post adds no value to those interested in PLAYING as opposed to nit picking.

        P.S. BubbaFett, thanks your very useful list lin:-)

      • Michael Says:

        Tim, maybe for a layperson it seems to be similar, for a player not. Especially not if you compare a current Free Integral Hang with a Halo. If people are not aware of the differences they will probably be disappointed when they buy a Halo as alternative to a Hang. And I although read comments by Halo players who were disappointed by the Free Integral Hang and prefer their Halo. My comment was not for laypersons watching Youtube videos but for those who want to purchase and play.

  56. dialan Says:

    I’m looking for a hang/hand drum.
    Is there a other replacement than hapi ?

  57. Will Says:

    Just seen Manu Delago play the hang drum with The Leisure Society at the Barbican. Awesome.

    And now I want one. Really want one.

  58. BubbaFett Says:

    You guys may find this list of Hang-styled instruments useful: http://www.hangdrumsandhandpans.com/p/all-of-handpans.html

    Check out the Panharp, mine’s on its way. 😀

  59. The hang isn’t made by “two guys” (unless you are using “guys” in the same unisex manner that some folks use “dude” today); co-creator Sabina Schärer is a woman.

    Information on purchasing as of Feb. 16, 2011 is at:

    According to that posting, a request must be sent by paper letter to PANArts. Once a prospective purchaser is invited, that person must pick up the hang in person in Switzerland. Only the Integral Hang is now being manufactured. The price of 2,000 CHF (Swiss francs) translates to approximately US$2,130 or €1,645 as of this writing.

    A May 2011 update by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer (PANArt) is in English, Deutsch, Français, and Italiano at:

    For brilliant hang playing I recommend premiére hang performer and teacher Laura Inserra . Searching her name on YouTube brings up numerous and varied clips.

  60. Chad Says:

    my name is Chad, I’m an inspiring musician in Georgia north America. I was wondering how much a hang drum would cost me to mail.

  61. Tim Says:

    I just looked at some of the hand pans from BubbaFett’s link. I really hope that a company, or individuals with proper manufacturing know how start to mass produce hand pans.

    The prices are grossly overinflated compared to what a small steel pan costs ( I found a new 16 inch steel pan for $199)


    , what they could and should cost if they were properly mass produced.

    There’s no question that the tuning would take some individual attention, but the current prices are based on demand, and perceived value rather than actual labor and material costs.

    With the right equipment and technology ( like hydro forming ) commercial quality hand pans could become accessible to everyone rather than the rich few who currently have more than $1000 they don’t otherwise need.

    I hope a major instrument manufacturer takes interest in hand pans and brings them within reach of the masses.

    Right now, greed, marketing and inefficient or low tech methods of production are keeping the prices artificially high.

    • Michael Says:

      An US company lost a lot of money when they tried to mass produce steelpans about 10 years ago. They sent their hydro formed instruments to a number of tuners but no one was able to tune them.

      There are reasons why nobody has ever mass produced steelpans.

      And a steelpan with a reasonable quality costs much more than 200 $.

      • Tim Says:


        I have no doubt that it would take some serious money and effort, but I’m sure it doable. I’m still convinced the prices reflect what the market will bear rather than than the true cost of production otherwise the Indonesian steel pans would be a fraction of the cost of those made in richer countries since the dominant expense is labour.

        As I said, if someone who knows what they’re doing undertakes it, it is doable. Who is qualified? not many. Those who tried and failed are either not qualified, or have some adjustments to make. I’m manufacturing like life multiple “failures” better thought of as”learning experiences” preced success. It’s doable with the will and enough money. I hope someone does it so I and many others can afford a hand pan.

  62. coty Says:

    i am looking for anyone in the world who has a hang hang i am a up and coming musician and i like the sound the hang produces i have read a lot about the finding of these instruments and I’ve heard a lot of stuff to encounter but i read a ether from one of the two owners and u have to write in and tell them why u think u deserve a hang and a contractual agreement is made so that u don’t buy it for large profit on ebay when u sell it i am very interested in the instrument if anyone has any info please comment back will check this every day for the next ten years if i have too i wil get this instrument before i leave this earth

  63. nick Says:

    pantheonsteel.com its a close relative to the hang its called a halo , you must sign up for the production list. all the info is on the sight

  64. Hilde Elsen Says:

    Ik wil graag weten waar ik een HANG intrument kan kopen en wat dat ongeveer kost.
    Ik woon in België.
    Wie kan mij de weg wijzen.

  65. nick o. Says:

    I just saw this instrument for the first time and I fell in love with the sound. Where can I get one and how much do they cost. Please tell me got to have it.

  66. LotusDrum Says:

    I am the maker of the Lotus Drum, a viable alternative to what most of you are seeking.

    All of my drums are made 100% by hand, by ME.
    I tune them to any scale of your choice and decorate them any way you want me to.

    Check out my work here: LotusDrum.com


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