Online File Storage Solutions

July 17, 2007

I’ve been looking into this area for a while now, but a recent Lifehacker post has pointed me in the direction of this very useful summary of five online web 2.0 file storage systems:

5 Simple Ways to Store Your Files Online

The one that looks by far the simplest to use is Dropboks. First of all, it’s free; you can get going straight away; the interface couldn’t be more straightforward; and of course it’s all secure. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re sick of using your Gmail account as a surrogate back-up online storage facility.

UPDATE: 18/07/07: The only slight problem with using Dropboks on Firefox is that it doesn’t allow right-clicks; or, rather it does allow them, but the right-click menu on Dropboks is automatically obscured by Firefox’s own context menu. I’ve come across this on a few sites now (including Yahoo! Mail Beta), and so far I haven’t found a work-around. If anyone knows of one, please leave a comment!

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