An Unmissable Facebook Resource

July 26, 2007

Still on a Facebook tip this evening, I’ve recently come across, which is essentially a one-stop-shop for everything connected to the latest web 2.0 social networking phenomenon. It’s a regularly updated, well-written blog with intelligent commentary – not just mindless Facebook fanboyism, in other words. See this post, for instance, about Facebook’s propensity for releasing poorly tested new features on a regular basis.

What’s particularly useful about this are the reviews of the applications: with so many already available, it can be hard to pick your way through to find the gems. certainly makes it easier. Check out their award for the slickest application – TouchGraph – which is a visualization of your friend network:


6 Responses to “An Unmissable Facebook Resource”

  1. I want to close my facebook account .I realy don’t want it open anymore. Thankyou.

  2. ashley coco Says:

    close facebook because of wrong information

  3. Queenie ng Says:


  4. wtf queenie Says:

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  5. wtf queenie Says:


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