Printers May Be Bad For Your Health

July 31, 2007

If, like me, you have an office job, you may want to skip this one on the grounds that ignorance is bliss. An article on New Scientist cites a study which shows that some printers may be hazardous to your health:

Printer Particles May Pose Health Risk

Of 62 laser printers tested by a lab in Queensland, Australia, 27% were found to emit a high level of particulate pollution. Researcher Prof. Lidia Morawska found that one printer emitted as much pollution “as the average smoker”. This is more than a little worrying, but it will of course need more work to determine just what’s causing the pollution and what the potential harmful effects are. The good news is that many printers don’t emit any pollution at all, so it should be a relatively straightforward matter to enforce legislation ensuring that sitting next to a printer isn’t a health and safety risk.


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