Facebook Now Being Used To Solve Crimes

August 2, 2007

The Register is reporting that a Londoner who was a burglary victim has turned to social networking nirvana Facebook to help catch the perp:

Victim turns to Facebook in hunt for brazen burglar

Jackie McGeown is using a picture taken by an innocent bystanding builder on his mobile to publicise the alleged ne’er-do-well’s nefarious deed, and to help catch the crook:

“Users with tips on the possible identity of the burglar can pass on leads via Facebook. McGeown said: “Maybe he’s burgled you. Or maybe you’ve poked him on Facebook. If you know who he is, let me know!””

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the first of what will surely become many Web 2.0 social networking detectives, simply join Jackie’s Facebook group — DO YOU RECOGNISE MY BURGLAR? — and get poking!

Hoping to pip everyone to the post and win the glory, even though I neither live in London nor care particularly about whether or not Jackie finds her burglar, I’ve scoured Facebook in an attempt to find said group, so far with zero success. If anyone does find it, or else finds out that this is all a (not so) elaborate hoax, leave a comment below.


2 Responses to “Facebook Now Being Used To Solve Crimes”

  1. Stephen McGeown Says:

    Hi there,

    Jackie is actually my sister and I’ve been following the story developing on the web. The link to the Facebook site is:

    I promise you, it’s not a hoax. She’s bearing up well though!

    Cheers, Stephen

  2. lostmoya Says:

    Okay – that’s probably as strong an endorsement as you can get! Thanks Stephen.

    Unfortunately, the group’s only open to people in the London network. Any Londoner Facebook-ites out there: join this group!

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