How’s Your Online Visibility?

August 9, 2007

Everyone who’s spent any amount of their spare time on the Internet has run a Google search on their name. My first result is:

Yep, this guy can play two recorders — at the same time. I’ve no idea how, but perhaps a passage from his homepage can give us a clue:

“[David Young’s music] offers you an invitation to take a journey to the deepest, most precious place inside yourself. These melodies fill you with gentle, relaxing peace and healing energy while drawing you inward and upward, like a soft relaxing breeze.”

Relaxing breeze? Deep inside yourself? I’m not sure I like where this is going…

In related news (and here’s the point of this post), social networking blog Mashable last month posted a road test of six new “people search” engines:

6 People Search Engines Tested: Can They Find Me?

People search is a hot new area, particularly with start-ups, as social networking becomes increasingly mainstream with the exponential growth of sites like Facebook and MySpace (not to mention the dozens of other niche networking sites). With more and more of these sites available — and with the potential rewards of using them for business — any search engine which enables you to find your friends and colleagues fast is undoubtedly going to be in demand.

People search is also, apparently, several steps beyond the simplistic world of “find yourself on Google”; whereas Google trawls the entire Intarweb, these search engines are specialized, and many use data from the big social networking sites, as well as other, more business-oriented networking sites, such as LinkedIn.

But could I find myself on any of the sites tested at Mashable? Not a chance! Peekyou, Wink, Spock and yoName all drew a blank on my name, even when I filled in extra details… Like age, location, hobbies, where I was on July 24th 2004… Talk about a let-down. So maybe my online presence needs a boost? Nah, I’m happy being mistaken for a guy who can play two recorders simultaneously.


7 Responses to “How’s Your Online Visibility?”

  1. Luke Says:

    I had the same problem. I have never used networking sites to network, so my name is on none of them. And when i checked the new people searches, i discovered how many people had my name.

    The stupid thing was, i sent my details to to apply for the private beta. Seems they didn’t file them.

  2. lostmoya Says:

    I may try registering on LinkedIn and see what difference that makes. is now open to all, but has been plagued by outages, because of the high demand for the service. See this post, for example:

  3. Bethan Sayers Says:

    Yay – i’m famous – 2 correct hits on wink…

  4. Matt Deuce Says:

    I searched for myself “Matt Deuce” on Spock and got no results that were me. I did the same search on yoName and it found most of my online profiles.

    The same search on Wink yielded results but only 1 was actually me.

  5. Ozilla Says:

    I’m all over YoName and a little bit on Wink. I think it’s because I use a lot of social networking sites and linkedin. YoName even found me when I did a phone number search. The one that pisses me off is Zabasearch. I hate the fact that it puts my DOB and address online for the world to see. I agree so far, Spock is totaly disappointing.

  6. newmw Says:

    People search engines, that’s an interesting topic. The surveillance society theorists can chew on that one again πŸ™‚ Some of em found me, but those were just the same hits as on Google…

  7. […] and Yahoo. At a stroke, Facebook has cut out the middle-man “people search engines” I blogged about just a couple of weeks […]

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