Star Of The Car

August 11, 2007

This week Mark Nichol, a very good friend of mine, was staying with us while he was on a week of work experience in nearby Peterborough. Mark’s a future superstar motoring journo, and potentially the next Jeremy Clarkson — only better looking and far less annoying. He’s been kept busy writing articles for the website of the UK’s finest motoring mag, Car Magazine. Want to read them? Then click below to:

Get the exclusive scoop on the yet to be released Audi A5 Sportback

Audi A5

Stay on an Audi tip with their new sleek A8

Audi A8

And learn all about Land Rover’s new green option

You can probably tell from the scant details above that I know very little about cars. I drive a Clio; it’s silver and slow. And that’s about the extent of my automotive wisdom. However, this week I’ve been schooled on the benefits of the diesel about town (plenty of low-end torque, apparently), the uncomfortable new Fiat, and the underpowered new Golf.

It’s been an educational and thoroughly enjoyable experience, though I was disappointed that Mark didn’t roll up outside our house on a test-drive in a pimped out, specced up Mercedes. Maybe next time.

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