How (Not) To Buy A Hang Drum

August 15, 2007

Like many other bloggers, I’m incurably self-obsessed, so I inevitably spend a large amount of time looking at my blog stats in WordPress. Recently, I noticed that a lot of people come to this blog to read my Hang Drum post. In fact, it’s one of the most popular posts on this blog.

Hang Drum

Thanks to the magic of WordPress stats, I also noticed that these people have often found this blog by searching for “buy a hang drum”, “hang drum dealers” or similar. I expect that they’ll be disappointed with that post which is, essentially, a mild expression of interest in a unique and quirky instrument, rather than a How To guide.

Of course, I hate to disappoint, so over the past few days I’ve been trying to answer the question: how do you buy a hang drum? Unfortunately it looks like the short answer is: you can’t.

Here’s why: It turns out that a couple of guys in Switzerland — Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer — design and produce the hang themselves. Judging by what I’ve read on several other blogs and forums, these guys are only willing to make a “handful” of these instruments every year to order through their company, Panart. See this Metafilter post (and comments) for more details:

Discover the hang drum

If you can make the trip over to Switzerland — and assuming they’re still making them — you can expect to pay upwards of US$500 for one. If not, forget it. Apparently, they set up a distribution network as well as a website ( – don’t bother going there; it’ll either give you a 404 or a filler search page) in the early days, but this was quickly overwhelmed by high demand. You may be able to find one or two on E-bay, but you should expect to pay a premium for them, as I indicated in my original post.

It’s actually incredibly difficult to find up-to-date information on the current situation, but it appears that they’ve either stopped producing the instrument, or are still making it in very limited quantities. Judging by the level of demand online, it’s highly unlikely that anyone outside a select few will be able to get their hands on one in time for Christmas 2007.

UPDATE: 26/08/2007: You’ll see that Michael from das hangblog has dropped by the comments section to helpfully give an updated picture of the hang-buying situation. Bottom line: you may be in with a chance of buying one next year — but you’ve still got to travel to Switzerland.

UPDATE: 24/04/2009: A hang drum fan called Tim has helpfully left a comment on the other hang drum post with some up-to-date information.


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  1. […] post which is, essentially, a mild expression of interest in a truly unique instrument. Try reading my latest post for more information on why it’s so damn difficult to get hold of a hang […]

    • Paul Burns Says:

      Indeed, i have seen this before and will see it again in the music industry ( especially about electronic synthesizers and kit). The mentality that “We are so elite that we don’t need to sell or market ourself” abounds.
      Not surprisingly with this business ethic all go bust , but the stupidity factor is afterwards they sit around shaking their heads saying where did we go wrong?


      Paul Burns


      • abitaskew Says:

        There is a chance that their efforts are for the sake of the sanctity of the instrument & Art, rather then just elitist narcissism. I don’t know which is the cause but I do feel excluded from taking part in the sub-culture. In a way it scuffs the purity of the art with a nuance of scandal.
        I understand that the feeling of tuning your own Helmholtz resonating metallic cavity could enforce a spiritual connection but I don’t have the tools or know-how. He should be teaching apprentice metal workers that can give this to the masses.
        I try n send happy “100th monkey” vibes out to their section of the neural network. Maybe one will find me like Harry Potters wand. lolz

    • Darren Bales Says:

      If you want a beautiful steel drum type of instrument, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a hang, I know of a perfect choice… I bought a double-side D#13 tankdrum from a few months ago and everyone loves it even though I am not the best player. I researched these instruments extensively upon purchasing. I ended up getting a tankdrum, and I am so glad I did! Anyway, here is a link to a drum like mine (not me in the video) in case you would like to hear a tankdrum in action. Hope this info helps someone out who is making the same decision I just made. All the best.

      • Ann P Says:

        Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to work out the riddle of getting a hang for my son as a gift for three years now. I come to look on the internet at his birthday gets close and then give up. I even have a friend who travels to Switzerland who has offered to try to find the guys in Bern. It sounds very unlikely that anything positive would come of it. I’m going to check out the site and maybe I’ll find just the thing for him. Thank you again for taking the time to post and include the link.

  2. Hello, I need to buy Hang drum. Is it possible to buy one.

    Respected you,

  3. lostmoya Says:

    Sorry – I’m afraid I really don’t know any more than I wrote in the post above…

  4. Michael Says:

    The hangmakers don’t build only “a handfull” of hanghang as you wrote. They build 400 to 500 hanghang in a year. This years’s production is already be spoken for, but there are good chances to purchase one next year, if you are able to travel to Bern. “How to buy a Hang” I explained in an article in my hangblog:

  5. lostmoya Says:

    Great! Thanks for the information, Michael, although the “handful” was a quote from the Metafilter comments, rather than my own words. In any case, it’s good to hear that those interested could be in with a good chance, if they’re prepared to travel to Switzerland.

  6. christina Says:

    you know what i’d really like to know? how come these Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer guys sell their idea to some big musical instrument company? i could understand if they didn’t want to, but if they did, they’d probably end up with a lot more cash if they were mass produced. not to mention, if they were mass produced, they’d probably be a bit cheaper since they wouldn’t be as hard to get a hold of, and people would actually be able to buy them without getting a passport, plane tickets to Switzerland and back, and $500. if i was them, i would have done that a year ago. whatever, their choice.

    • mleaver Says:

      Some instruments, especially tuned metal is not easily made by a commercial company. They are not tooled up for it, and the “art” is in the long term “making” of the instrument. Ihave and play a hang, and my husband is a maker of tuned metal percussion which companies have been trying to replicate for years and the sound just isn’t any good.

    • rclark Says:

      Their interest obviously isn’t the money though. They care more about the integrity of their instrument making and the reputation of what is arguably a fine art. Mass producing them for the purpose of making money would be a blow to their credibility as artists. Bearing that loss would be difficult for craftsmen of their status.

      • Maki Says:

        Damn right, its not always about the money.. Its about their culture, ethnicity and respect to the authorized inventors and makers of this heavenly made instrument. Strongly agree

    • Pryer Says:

      PANArt may not end up making big money from their invention, but somebody will. There are already alternatives available.

      I’ve got my eye on a Caisa. 😉

  7. I can understand wanting to protect your unique idea; however, I feel that by not providing the drums to a larger number of people they are acting like elitist snobs.

    This is sad… But amusing.

    I really want a drum, and it will be even sweeter when I get one, due to its rarity and value.

    It is too bad that everyone cannot have a hang drum. This is the makers choice, and they will ultimately be held accountable. If they keep making the drum more unique rare and valueable, it may be cheaper to just mount a small army of renegade Hessians and assaut their compound stealing the blueprints, the drums, and the drummakers.

    having a damn drum is like finding a rare artifact what is the world coming too.

    It may be worth the effort to begin experimenting with creation of these drums.
    Better than international swiss prison.

    I may just attempt to produce my own copy of the drum, and if I do, you can bet your ass I will be mass producing them. Then i will tell those elitist ass clowns they can shove it, while i make millions of their drums in a third world nation (mexico)

    • chancellor Says:

      Why do you feel entitled to one of the these drums? Everyone’s complaining that they don’t mass-market, have a web site, promise one to everyone. Well, all of that is hard, time consuming work. Maybe they just want to make drums. I’d love one too, but that doesn’t mean I’m entitled to one.

    • Helene Herbison Says:

      I wrote these idiots twice (two years in a row). First reply was they have sold all hangs for that year. Second reply, all our hangs already have a home and we have stopped production so we can further research different metals. I agree, they seem very snobbish to me and this leaves the “possible customer” extremely frustrated and pissed. They gave me the feeling that I wasn’t good enough for them. Well, I’m not suck holeing to anyone just to purchase their product. Having said this, I’d love the chance to own one but not a the cost of my integrity.
      British Columbia, Canada

  8. lostmoya Says:

    Heh – I know what you mean. It does seem rather ridiculous that they don’t do mail order or something; it’s almost as if, by forcing buyers to go to their factory, they want to “show you” how precious these instruments are. In that light, it *is* a bit snobbish, and perhaps a little patronising.

    On the flipside though, it’s sort of romantic and idealistic, and there’s precious little of that in the world these days…

  9. Xstar Says:

    Why can’t you just make one; after all isn’t that what they did?

  10. gabriel Says:

    How i can craft one?

  11. adrian Says:

    both sides of a 55 gallon drum welded together after tuning an inverted pan drum key it does not matter what tuning you use. Hey why not ???

  12. loot Says:

    2 peices of 1/8 inch steel/aluminium rolled out and welded cut hole hammer notes take a week even if u have to go to local body shop and get them to make basic shape. i think 55 gallon drum would be to thick and you wouldnt get a very good resonance from it

    • Stephen Says:

      Ever here of a Steel drum…they use exactly that 55 gallon steel drums (one end of the drum) pound out and tuned.
      The hang drum I’m sure could be made from just the ends of the drum. You would have to cut the ends out first and then pound out the shape of the instrument and fine tune it to the scale that you are wanting to hear.

      I do agree that it would take time to make one for your yourself.
      I also think that the hardest part of that drum which also makes it unique is the center part of top half which makes the “sing”. That in itself would be a challenge.

      Obviously it is doable. I’m sure they had a lot of trial and errors.

      You also wouldn’t be able to call it Hang drum. More like my inverted steel drum.

      But I do enjoy the sound that it produces.

      One thing that they could do is to train people from different countries on how to produce the drum and charge a royalty fee for every drum is sold by the apprentice.

  13. loot Says:

    or even 1/16 inch would get a lot more sound and tone out of it

  14. Christos Says:

    Hello everybody,

    as soon as i realise that it’s so dificult to buy a hang

    I have alread start to make plans of the shape. What you need is 2 steel disks and then you start to bend.
    It is difficult but not IMPOSSIBLE, as it is to buy one.

    If anybody is interested to discuss the details of construction, email me please. I know i cannot do it by myself.

    • Daryl Says:

      Hey Christos,

      I have a friend who’s a very skilled blacksmith. I’ve just emailed him to ask his thoughts on reproducing some of these.

      Have you experimented or made any progress with having them made yet? I’m interested to hear your results.


      Warm Regards,


  15. lostmoya Says:

    Very generous of you, Christos. If you do end up making one, I’d be interested to read about it. Why not set up a website about it?

  16. Yesi Says:

    Well, if you count that they make 500 per year for the price of 1200 euros, and I’d say that the materials cannot be more than 200 euros so they make 500 000 euros per year. That ain’t so bad for two people, if you invest the money it doesn’t take that many years to live with. Not everyone wants to be a millionaire.

  17. christos Says:

    it’s true yesi. those people are making lots of cash and i am sure the hung is based on a traditional drum shape and they evolute it. Does anyone knows somebody who has a hang and he/she is willing to post some detailed photos of the instrument? Also if anybody knows from which instrument does the hang emerged please post it.

  18. David Says:

    Like many of you I’m frustrated by the difficulty in purchasing a Hanghang.

    I first heard them about 6 months ago on the South Bank …first two were heard in an interesting ensemble playing Jazz inspired music then about an hour later a soloist on a bridge.

    At the age of 60 I could still be moved by this ethereal sound… amazing reallyas I’m fed up with the way Steel Pans (from Trinidad) are presented as the only style of traditional Caribbean music.

    At first I thought that the musician himself had taken a couple woks and welded them together and then tuned them!!!!!!!

    I surmise that any attempt to truly reproduce the unique tones of these instruments will be (all but) impossible…..thus their rarity value will increase. I love the idea of the taking out of time to develop the idea. I wish our politicians could do like wise….. oops where did that spring from?
    I am a lover of the Jaws Harp and understand there is a maker in Norway who only makes his wonderful instruments during the winter….order early is the advice.

    Good news…… there is a steel pan maker who is looking into the making of (what I would call) copies.

    • Sam Says:

      There are many origins and styles of jaws harp. Bamboo ones from Phillippines, tiny but powerful metal ones from Indonesia where they have whole “orchestras”, and the larger more traditional metal ones from Europe made in different sizes (and keys) which travelled with them to North America and remained as still remains a part of traditional folk music I think all possible to get hold of. Ps I love hang drum too when I saw it a couple of years ago.

  19. Robert Says:

    If it were as simple as hammering out some metal, I’d have done it already. There is a complex set of processes that they’ve developed to get that ‘warm’ sound of the Hang as opposed to the ‘bright’ sound of a steel drum.

    Along with those processes are the experienced hands that are able to tune the Hang in such a way to produce the rich overtones.

    But if you want a quick and cheap way to get something ‘Hang-like’ cut up an unfilled propane tank and make yourself a ‘Hank’ / Tambiro like Dennis Havlena has:

  20. Jesse Says:

    I have heard some whispers of a major steel drum manufacturer looking into the hang and researching on its production. IF they decide to take it on then the hang might make a little hop toward semi-practical availability. I’ve lost the name of the steel drum company, but if you figure it out….let them know if you’re interested. They’re feeling out the market.

  21. Crickett Says:

    Check out, premier steel drum producers. They are taking email on people’s interest in hang drums. Something is in the works.

  22. andy Says:

    hi dave

    i too am a hang fan!!! I saw a guy playing one in barcelona last summer and have been trying to get hold of one every since.

    and unfortunately I came to the same conclusion, not so hot. These guys are annoying non-commercially minded. But I will not give up the hunt, have already looked at a weekender to switzerland to grab one but tis a bit pricey!!! I still believe they’d be worth it, they sound amazing and look serious fun to play.

    good luck to all potential hang drummers out there!!!

  23. lostmoya Says:

    Good luck on your trip to switzerland, mate!

  24. robert Says:

    i accidentally found a website on the hang and saw a clip of someone playing one. i fell in love with it its amazing. i must own one. but i’ve asked around i even have family freind’s in switzerland and nothing. i saw one on ebay for 3600 us retarded amount of money. i am very heart broken since i am a 20 year old male that makes less then 20 000 a year and im a passionate drummer and i cant afford one . this suxs so im putting out a cry for a donation hang . lol.i know thats crazy but maybe crazy enough to work.

  25. anish Says:

    i only wish to humbly and earnestly beg to the makers of the hang drum to make them available to all that crave for them, the world could do with peace wibes. it would be a better purpose surved to the invention of this ingenius instrument, to give people a reason to resonate in peace and live a life echoing the harmony of love. shanti

  26. rob Says:

    so reading all thes i am confused and also turned off by the anger and negative feelings towards the whole hang process and their makers…..i wrote them last august had an appointment by october and found felix and sabine to be most gracious interesting and the whole day there was like magic… cant just make these after seeing sabine and the process she goes through with each drum……its amazing and henceforth the magical sound……..they are really good people who are creating works of art and deserve our respect

  27. lostmoya Says:

    Thanks for the alternative view, rob. I think a lot of people are just frustrated that such a great instrument isn’t more readily available. However, it’s good to know that – if you are prepared to make the investment – you get an amazing experience as well as the hang itself.

  28. Randy Says:

    Hi All!
    I’m in the process of having a web site built to sell hang drums. The site should be finished in about a month or so,(early February).
    My first offering will be plans on how to build a tube type hang drum. This unit has professionally designed and built, and is tuned to perfection. Each drum has its own minature drum head which creates incredible sound.
    Second, there will be an optional bass unit that you can add on if you chose.
    Next, I’m just starting work on building a “real” hang drum. Yes, the metal type.
    Briefly, a metal hang drum is a self contained sound resonance bell or chamber. You can achieve different tones or sounds by heat shrinking select zones on the preformed drum shell. To make a pleasing tone without the metal ring, you need to add a beaded lip. This carries the sound around the drum and causes the whole metal shell to “resonate”. The metal ring is cancelled out due to the shape and sound cancelling effects of the drum skin, or surface.
    My soon to be web site name will be
    My contact will be
    My current hotmail address is
    Thank you all, Randy

  29. Paul Mays Says:

    Hello.. was looking around and found this version made by Tribal Thunder. It is a bit more stylized but the sound is nice. Still runs in the 600 buck range but they say they are ready to ship and even have em up on Ebay..

    Tribal Thunder Site

    Paul Mays

  30. Robert Jacobson Says:

    I’m wondering what the difference between a Pan drum and a Hang drum are??


  31. The WiZ Says:

    The Tribal Thunder “Oscar” is actually much nicer sounding than the Hang…more melodic, much more portable and nicer to look at
    Tribal Thunder are professional musicians and craftsmen – the “Oscar” is finely tuned and more akin to playing music on Tibetan bowls…this is actually a steel tongue drum and is easily playable by anyone with hands, fingers or mallets (included). You can also play full chords on this drum! Check out the sound samples on the website!

    The drums are on at a promotional rate for $400 (CAD) at the website and handmade carry bags are available for $40

  32. rockshiner Says:

    I actually have one of these elitist drums and i can assure you all of its wonder. Shame the cat knocked an ornament off the mantel that added an extra dent! I call it character and no interference with the resonance. My advice is…. if you get one, lose the ornaments or disappear the cat 😉

  33. Michael Says:

    Listening to the sound examples of the “Oscar” from Tribal Thunder and comparing it with the PANArt Hang videos you can find on You Tube you will find that saying “The Tribal Thunder ‘Oscar’ is actually much nicer sounding than the Hang” is a bold statement. I think everybody is able to form an own opinion.

  34. Ko! Says:

    I am in love with the hang drum also… i don’t have the $ to go get one, i wish they would be available for shipment.
    the “oscar” doesn’t even come close.
    -it sounds like someone banging on a propane tank.

  35. chris Says:

    many people who can’t afford a real hang drum are checking out
    They have a steel tongue drum that is amazing. Only 400.00 plus shipping and handling. They are selling like crazy.

  36. Loren Says:

    there are instructions on how to make one – by the makers – here:

    Don’t know if this helps anyone, but thought I’d put it out there. It doesn’t look all that intuitive to me… but it could explain the steelpan makers’ initiative.

  37. lostmoya Says:

    That’s really useful. Thanks, Loren.

  38. MelbaToast Says:

    The Tribal Thunder Oscar is nothing more than a glorified “Hank Drum” (propane tank turned into a tongue drum). Check out hank drums on youtube and you’ll get the picture.

    They look exactly the same except the fancy purple paint job. Claiming that it sounds better than a hang is the most absurd claim a musician can make, so obviously you are listening to a capitalist. It is a SALES pitch to take advantage of those with hang fever.

    Send out a letter to Felix and Sabina, and they will get back to you. You will have to wait a little, but you will be surprised at how fast you will get a hang. The quality is worth the patience and price. Stay away from the leeches, unless you like to lose blood. I hope I saved some of you from getting sucked in.

  39. barry mason Says:

    I have had my hang for just over 6 months now.
    I only had to wait around 3 months from the date that I wrote a letter to Felix and Sabina to being invited over to the Hanghaus. I think I was lucky here as I know others who are currently waiting for longer!
    The price of the hang includes the excellent case and backpack, as well as a couple of nights accommodation, food and drink. I think that this is a real bargain, considering the quality of the instrument. If you factor in the cost of a return air flight from just about anywhere in the world, it is still relatively cheap , in comparison with any quality instrument- check out the price of a good Spanish guitar, cello or saxophone….I’ve spent more on a couple of hand made cymbals!

    But what makes the wait worthwhile is the chance to meet the makers, as well as other hang players; and to see the skill required to make one. The reason that they aren’t being “knocked off” in china or elsewhere is that they require many hours of highly skilled work to tune… I video’d Felix tuning one note, and this took the best part of an hour. I have also played the Tribal Thunder “hang” – it isn’t bad in its own right as a tongue drum , but has none of the magic or sublety of the real thing.
    So , my advice is to get out your pen and paper and be patient. Having the HANG has opened many doors for me and making that journey was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
    I’d be glad to communicate with any potential Hang players, if I can be of any help.

    • Benni Says:

      Hello Barry from Canada, Waterloo about 1 hr from Toronto. What was the price of the instrument ?

      Many Thanks, Have a Great New Year, Benni.

    • Bob Cruikshanks Says:

      Hi Barry – Having problems tracking down address for Felix and/or Sabina. Are they still making HANG, if so would appreciate the address.

      Rgds, Bob C

    • Heaven Lea Says:

      Hi barry,
      Your comment inspired me ❤
      Be peace

  40. […] How (Not) To Buy A Hang Drum has been far and away my most read post, with a staggering (for me anyway) 5,919 hits. Not […]

  41. Broccoli Says:

    I don’t know if any of you remember the steel drums that were popular in the sixties, but, you can buy those, I’d bet. Even better, steel drums started out, originally, as 55 gallon containers, or drums! They’re usually played with soft rubber mallets and produce damn near the same tonal sound, although louder. I think you could play them with you hands ad fingers.

  42. […] If you’re one of the many people who come to this blog because you’re a fan of the hang drum, why not take a look at this short video I took on Saturday of a hang drum artiste in action […]

  43. RJakob Says:

    Peeps upset that these things aren’t mass produced have to get the Chinese knock off model of doing business out of their system. This isn’t two guys sitting in a cave making these things out of cookie sheets. They are expertly crafted, hand-made instruments with a lot of science involved to make them. Real musicians appreciate the care that goes into these. People who just want to impress their friends with something new want them cheap and accessible. This is why I suppose, it takes a letter and personal invitation to get one. It’s not just an instrument – It’s a piece of art.

  44. Mushkalji Says:

    I can’t believe all this griping over a hand built, unique musical instrument. The amount – when you contrast it with other instruments – is actually very reasonable. (Tried buying a decent Gibson Les Paul lately?)

    These guys are artists who obviously CARE about their creation. The fact that they have asked purchasers to agree to a first right of return at the purchase price so they can stop ebay idiots and others shooting up the price is an indication that it’s NOT ABOUT THE MONEY.

    Instead of bitching and moaning – and efforts to RIP THEM OFF by making hack versions for sale on the web – people should practice the art of PATIENCE and show some RESPECT to the creators of this instrument.

    I think it’s an incredible instrument, at a reasonable price and worth the wait. …Unless you’re some Y-Gen “I want it now for free!” cry baby.

    Okay, enough ranting. My regards and apologies to the GOOD people out there.


  45. Seekwhensir Says:

    Nice, build it yourself is what I say. Originality.

  46. tatalato Says:

    Thanks for the blog entry, it was quite helpful in confirming some confusing information on how to obtain a Hang Drum. I respect the creators as artists, but I definitely understand the frustration that many like myself, feel in the difficulty of buying this instrument. I’ve heard the hang drum being played on youtube by some lucky few. I personally would rather have the original than a copycat version of the drum. However I don’t think the creators will mass produce the instrument anytime soon if not at all. Therefore I am sad to say, I will probably never get one as I am not rich enough to travel to Switzerland. The cost of a plane ticket, plus the cost of the drum itself, plus the fact that you might not even get one cause there are only a limited amount sold….let it sink in, the word NEVER is strong. It breaks a musician’s heart. Maybe one day when I’m successful I will get a hang drum as a wedding gift to my husband…who is a passionate percussionist, just so I can listen to him play it from the comfort of my home.

  47. TamarGirl Says:

    I’ve just heard a home made Hang-style drum. Made from 2 woks joined together, not just the thin kind you find, but a thicker metal. The makers are still working out the tuning of it, though. But it can be done!

  48. meysam Says:

    i wanna make HUNG DRUM by myself
    any body can gide me please?:D

  49. Emy Says:

    I have an idea: if i construct my own hang drum with a wok? The base + the cap. One hole on the base and then tunning the cap making the domes with a rubber hammer. To tune it testing the size of the domes with an electronic tunner (used for tunnig the guitars). How do u thing? It will be possible?

  50. Nelson Says:

    If these swisss guys don’t patent and sell their idea fast to an instrument maker, you can bet that in a year we’ll be seeing the Chang Drum coming out from Hong Kong to a music store near you, and for $200.

  51. Mick Says:

    I am the proud owner of an Oscar – just purchased it a week ago. The Oscar is made by Tribal Thunder who has been mentioned in this blog both positively and negatively. I agree that everyone has their preference, mine is positive.

    I have been playing percussion/drums for 20+ years and I am very impressed with the Oscar. I have viewed a few videos on line of people playing it and the quality of the recordings are poor – you need to here one live to appreciate the sound. Oscars literally sing in many beautiful tones. Get a few in the room together and you will get lost in the music – very soothing.

    I had the opportunity to go to the shop where they are built by hand, great care and patience is put in to these by real musicians. I think it is awesome to see such a wonderful instrument being made here in Canada; we really need to stop buying so much foreign product before we are all out of work!

  52. kaspa Says:

    ive written them 2 lettes and they replyed to the 1st one saying they arnt making them at the mo
    but they might in 2009
    and ill have to go to switserland, fuck it i aint got the money but ill get a loan once i have it its done
    eh, you lot hsould stop being so lazy and snail mail them if you want something bad enough you can get it by putting in the effort.

  53. chrissa Says:

    where can i go and finally find them!
    i really want to find a hang drum
    please if anyone can give infirmation send a message.
    thank you

  54. chrissa Says:

    can somebody give directions for buying hang drum? telefon number adress of them?

  55. lostmoya Says:

    Here’s another, much more informative post about hanghang (includes contact details):

  56. Hackzeus Says:

    Hang makers are ELITIST… they sold 4.300 units at the end of 2005, just take your calculator and think about this… 4.300 hangs x 900 euros = 3.870.000 euros!!!!

    So they are not elitist? Why they don’t teach how to make hangs to other persons? … easy answer >>> MONEY!!

    The hang is beautiful and incredible instrument, but the creators are now RICH and also elitist.

    By the way don’t buy hangs on ebay (about 3.000 $) minimum, some bids are fake, or extremely abusive prices.

    Good luck trying to get a hang and making rich Feliz and Sabina.



  57. anne Says:

    right well im off to switzerland and will return with a hang!

    at some point

  58. ollie Says:

    Damn….a want it one…but from the blogger info it hard to get possible i can get it…plz help!

  59. ollie Says:

    wow! it so expensive…sob..sob..

  60. Morph Says:

    I hate to sound like a philistine but this is all bullshit!
    How can you justify deliberately limiting the availabilty of a musical instrument. I’m sure making these drums is a craft but it isn’t art and it ain’t rocket science.
    These swiss guys need to start expanding production and stop cock-teasing! Sorry if i sound crude and bitter but i want one and i resent having to wait and jump through hoops to get one. When I bought my stratocaster did Fender make me write a begging letter, wait a year and then travel to the USA to pick it up from the factory in person?
    These guys have created something wonderful and i can understand them feeling a bit possesive of their baby but it’s time to stop being so precious and share this magical instrument with the world (or at least me).
    If anyone has a Hang , knows where I can get one, knows anyone producing copies or is just willing to let me play with their’s for half an hour, please get in contact. I really want to play!!!

  61. Mr-Yellow Says:

    I don’t get it…..

    They make pan steel drums on small poor islands outta 44gal drums, why is this any different or harder?

  62. Randall Says:

    (sigh) Thanks Loren, for your link.
    Yes, it is hard to make one, really not impossible,
    but on that pdf we get both sides of the same coin everyone speaks about here: It is not intuitive IF you don’t know the terms thrown around, and which are valid science of acoustics, metallurgy, and and chemistry/metal working.
    The other side is “mojo factor” terms which
    are based in marketing, even though they may be totally believed by those who use them.
    This is an area which depicts pretty much
    the WHOLE market place of musical instruments, primarily vintage gear,
    from the cellular changes in cellulose in a genuine strad, from the stock floating around in the Danube , to a ’59 Les Paul, or a Hang.
    And the Mojo can be both true, and opinion
    at the same time.
    From the PDF Loren provided, I’m sure I could produce one because as a musician and one whose made jewelry, I understand the terms used.
    Check out mokume gane jewelry, which draws
    on a lot of metallurgy, then uses Basic Creativity
    to make Art.
    Mokume gane is Visual, Hang is Aural.
    Nice thing to read.

  63. James Says:

    I saw a guys hang drum in Paris and it had Yamaha engraved into the side!


  64. David Says:

    I’d like to buy 2 of these Hang Drums, but ONLY direct from the source of the original makers.
    If anyone can direct me how to contact the original makers, please let me know.
    Message me at walkingmiracleman at gmail dot com
    I have no problems flying to the site where it is made. Thank you!

  65. dallen Says:

    i have bene trying to make a hang drum out of two woks and it seams to be working as long as i put as much time and pricision into it as possible. although it has been hard to find measurments for the entire thing i have managed most of it other than the complicated tuning. i have looked up how to make a semi wanna be hang called a hank or an oscar drum out of a propain tank, and i have thought if i made the simple “hank” drum out of the thinner metal that woks are made out of if it would have a more intense or definate sound to it. i am going to do some experimenting and in the mean time if anyone has any input it would be helpful.

  66. rachael Says:

    Hi all… I have been waiting patiently, too, and understand the frustration. I am so obsessed I almost wish I had never had the pleasure of knowing such a beautiful instrument existed, and likewise knowing that its purchase is difficult. I wish there was a website that could show 3-imaging of the drum making process ( for the true hang, not the propane). In my mind, it seems like it is simple, but I have watched enough video footage of people who have made steel drums ( which by construction is probably easier), and the tuning process for any of these kinds of drums is exceptionally difficult, even for the people who know what they are doing. In a way, I do understand the Swiss craftsman’s desire to not want to mass produce. If I had made something that unique and beautiful, I would want to personally meet the people I was selling to. Its almost like an adoption or something… knowing that the drum WILL be loved, played correctly, and fully appreciated by the purchaser. They apparently don’t wish to cheapen their craft by allowing mass production. Cheapen meaning, taking away the beauty of the craft, which I am certain is a deep pleasure for them. Every drum made is personalized and unique, made just for the person purchasing. Being that I do a lot of arts and crafts as well, I also like to know who it is going to, to meet them, so I can see how much they appreciate my work. Perhaps what we as long awaiting hang owners should do is send a letter or two to the hang makers requesting hangs made for purposes greater than our own interest. Ask them if they wouldn’t mind making a hang for the purpose of being used in some kind of charity. If they were associated with a charity, perhaps people would be able to make donations for hang purchase. Playing music in hospitals for sick or elderly, or raising money for diseases that we fight every day. It is a concept that is not unreachable, and could be started by anyone. Just an idea.

  67. rachael Says:

    By the way, if anyone is interested in starting such a charity ( I think it could work), let me know. My email is

  68. Carlos Says:

    I am a clear believer in the manifestation of my intentions. I want a Hang Drum and I will have one soon. No, I am not a millionare. I understand the way these people work and others do and will too. The sound is incredibly rare and beautiful. Gets in your soul not only in your ears.
    And no, it is not a Fender product or a chinese scam. Have the spirit to work and wait for it.
    I do not think they will go for the charity either.
    That is not their purpose.
    If a Hang is to get into your experince, it will.

  69. Failtelorn Says:

    LostMoya, I just want to say thank you for opening up this discussion. On some level, I kinda of want to apologize for the folks that aren’t even bothering to read any of the comments before posting theirs “how do I buy one” or the comments about the artists being elitists. I know it’s not my fault people aren’t paying the least bit of attention to what’s being written, but the feeling is still there.
    I appreciate the fact that you’ve opened the door for the few informed individuals to share their knowledge of the very beautiful instrument the artists are making.
    Best wishes and the Light of Love to you in the coming year…

  70. lostmoya Says:

    Failtelorn, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you’ve found this post and the surrounding discussion helpful. All the best for you in the new year.

  71. Sunryze Says:

    ahhh such a sound……thank you for this website such a wonderful place to read.. when these creations become ready i do believe a beautiful sound will be heard world round.

    untl then i listen with awe.

    And Wait………..

  72. Virginia Jackson Says:

    There’s a hang drum for sale on ebay right now if anyone is interested. Check it out at:

  73. I just stumbled across a hang being played on youtube while looking for something else.

    To say I am enchanted by the sound of these things is an understatement. I literally sat here with my jaw on the desktop listening to some audio clips of a hang being played. Goosebumps covered both arms for a half hour.

    There is certainly something magical with the sound these make, it’s such a sweet, mellow sound.. they’re just amazing. I would love to sit on a mountaintop and serenade Mother Nature, I’m sure she’s be grinning as much as I am listening to these being played.

    I have never been so enchanted by a musical instrument before, I am lusting for a hang drum. Lusting.

    I will never be able to own such an amazing instrument, but I do hope to run into someone playing one somewhere before I die, so I can hear the sound in person. It’s got to be amazing..

  74. j Says:

    How marvelously wonderiffic that these fellows have inspired such passion with some hammered steel! Most of us (it sounds like) have only seen/heard them on crappy-quality YouTube videos and all of us seem enamored!
    I look forward to dedicating myself and my work to achieving my goal of traveling to Berne/Switzerland with thousands of dollars to purchase my first Hang Drum!
    May it be used for the benefit of all beings everywhere!

  75. nate Says:

    i am thinking about taking two steel woks and welding them together but i dont know hwo they get the sound by hitting the little buttons i know u can kind of get a similar sound out of tongue drums but idk how to do the buttons

  76. ricardo malman Says:

    i still have one hang drum for sale…..
    please contact me at;

  77. Anysia Wurst Says:

    My teacher for steel drum class has made his own version of a hang drum. It is called the Halo. It is tuned in an akebono scale. It took him and his partner over a year to make it. He is selling them for $1,500. If you are interested in this than contact me at

  78. Veruca Salt Says:

    these hang drum makers are fuckers. damn it! I feel like Veruca Salt from willy wonka and the chocolate factory…. and I am screaming at the top of my lungs for a golden egg!!!! GIVE IT TO !!!! NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  79. Kasia Says:

    hello from Poland,
    YES, I want to buy a hang drum too.
    But, when I was looking for it, I foun few similar products. All of this drums sounds great but not the same.
    I think about buying one from this www:

    What do you think, is it good sound?
    About “real” hung drum, I am disappointed of form of selling this instruments. With all respect for framers, but why we (musician) have to send letters, requests etc. to qualify to buy one? I know it’s piece of art for them, but for musician it’s instrument. For musicians INSTRUMENT is really important (most important), because they can make their art – MUSIC for people.
    In spite of all, I am going to write a letter to them. I know, I’ll take my hang in months, but… at least my trip to Swetzerland will not be so expensive. I live in Europe and I can go there by my car. But this is not good way for most musicians who wants to play on hang.

    Now I’ll try to satisfy myself by buying a hang from

  80. hamid Says:

    im living in belaruss how i can bay hang?
    plz help me

  81. Kasia Says:

    Hamid you should go to Switzerland 🙂

  82. ricardo malman Says:

    Hamidadashi, i still have two hang drums and will sell one.Write me back at

  83. jcin88 Says:

    Hey guys! Has anyone checked this site out? just looking for an opinion on how the Eclipse compares to the Hang Drum, I understand the Hang Drum quite unmatched considering each is custom made, but I’m thinking this site may be a worthy alternative to traveling all the way to Switzerland. The site itself is quite mesmerizing, so I have some confidence in the eclipse already, but I like to do lots of extensive research before online purchases.
    Anyone have any opinions of this site? even if you’re only viewing it for the first time, please email me at Thanks!

  84. Does anyone knows what should we expect in 2010? they promise more problems on wall stree? I are heading toward dipression?

  85. Kasia Says:

    jcin88 I’ve already wrote about and I’am going to buy their drum. I will wait for it, but only few weeks and without trip :P.
    You know what… It’s really sad that we can’t get hang drum. There is a lot of musicians in Poland who wants to play on hang and they can’t. It’s for chosens and not necessary for musicians :/.

  86. alves peterssen ricardo Says:


  87. M Ulissi Says:

    I’m responding to year, or 2 year old posts in this.

    I want a hang drum myself, but I fully understand why they have not sold their design to a bigger company. A cheaper hang drum, would be just that. Cheaper. In case that went over your head, the quality would be what you pay for.

    They keep it personal and to a set amount so that a) they can be sure the instrument is being created correctly, b) their customers get a peice of art as well as an instrument and c) that they have some amount of free time, which isn’t too much to ask I don’t think.

    From everything I’ve read about this instrument, it’s creators care about it’s quality greatly, and want it to retain it’s character, and once again, I can’t blame them.

    People have made imitation models, and posted pictures/tutorials. I don’t know if they’re still around, but I distinctly recall one being made of a used propane tank.

    I can only hope to own one of these some day, and I’m willing to go to Switzerland for it. It’d make my appreciation of the instrument that much greater to have to go to those lengths to acquire it.

  88. martin Says:

    hiya! i saw a hang for sale at knock on wood music store in leeds, must have been 6 years ago. 3 hunred and odd quid..should of got it shouldnt i? would have been a pro by now. Gutted.

  89. bob Says:

    there s something I dont understand…
    why would the manufacturer not care at all about market demand? if you develop a successful product, you just want to meet the demand , make more money and become well-known. or what??

    • François Says:

      Hi Bob,
      everybody doesn’t think in capitalistic way. Life is NOT money. The purpose of life is NOT money. You just think like American. Poor thinking indeed !

  90. Soffia Says:

    Hi I’m an owner of a 1tone steel tongue drum, and it’s a good musical instrument… It must be re tuned by using a little magnets because it’not perfecly tuned…but the sound is great… ‘ got also a Milltone drum and it’s a wonderful instrument… with a very interesting tuning.
    Now I’m waitin’ for a Halo (and at the moment is the best alternative of the Hang) If you want you can write to the pantheon steel and make a down payment of 250 dollars (the final pirce in 1500 USD including shipment) and then wait…. There’s another belldrum makers and it’s instrument is beautifull…try to go on there are some videos…
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  91. John Says:

    I didn’t read all of the comments, so I don’t know if anyone else posted this, but i’d recommend the Halo. I’m in line to get one right now, and i’d say it’s as good as the hang 🙂 I’m on the waiting list right now for one, getting mine in september. I’d really recommend checking out the site

  92. davdo Says:

    hello there. well, i wrote a letter 1 mounth ago and i do not have problem waiting for hang, i just wondering that is it for sure that i will get one of those someday? thanks and sorry because my bad english. greets from croatia.

  93. Steerebeauddy Says:

    For a second everything went quiet in the cab, then the driver said, “Look mate, don’t ever do that again. You scared the daylights out of me!”

  94. Riley Says:

    I must say I do love my Hang as much as any child I may have in the future, and the trip to switzerland was a delightful vacation. It’s really a beautiful instrument.

    There have been some comments on the halo that I had to buy when I heard of it’s creation. Some have called it a knock-off. Or in league with the “Hank Drum.” This upsets me and really insults Jim Dusin and Kyle Cox! I have friends who’ve made the hank and it has a very novel sound but it definitely pales to Hanghang or Halos.

    The Halo is definitely not a “rip-off” but an homage to the Hang. It has deeper tones that puts my girlfriend to sleep when played in a mellow way.

    Both are delightful in their own way.

    Also, I don’t think either belong in the impatient, greedy a (and frankly mean) sounding people who want this organic and enriching experience to be commercialized. (The Hangs don’t sound as good in the arms of the selfish… Just my opinion…)

  95. Michael Says:

    I want to introduce the Hang Forum to all the readers of this page. A place to keep up with all important information regarding the Hang and to meet Hang players and friends of the Hang.

  96. stefanaccio Says:

    I would also be willing to travel to Switzerland if I could get one of these at the right price.

    A truly exceptional value.

  97. Blondie Says:

    Yo. I experienced a couple of these when I was in Barcelona awhile ago. One of the dudes let me try it out, a lot of fun. I inquired as to how he bought one and he told me this. You have to hear by word of mouth an address. Then you send the guys a letter requesting one. If they like what you have written they will invite you to stay with them for a couple of days to hang out and play music. If they like you they will make you one.

  98. RA Says:

    check out

    they claim to be manufacturing a U.S. version of the hang drum and judging by the video of the protootype it sounds pretty good
    should be available in 2010. im sure these things can be made in trinidad people bang tones into a metal drum with nothing more than a hammer and a good ear. if people made it …people CAN make it.i’d try less expensive options before plunking down $500

  99. melaniemenardarts Says:

    I saw a guy play one of those in the street in Cambridge and was fascinated by the sound. I wanted to get one for my boyfriend who is drummer, and interested in experimental music. I thought it was great for him, as he could do completely different ambient music while reusing his drumming skills. Then I learnt that I had to fly to Switzerland to get one.

    I am appalled by the lucky fews who can afford to do such things and who then insults people who think such an elitist buying process is unfair, calling them bad words such as “consumers brainwashed by capitalism”.

    For these rich bohemians’ information, not being able to fly to Switzerland ans splash 2000 euros altogether does not make one a “consumer brainwashed by capitalism”. It makes one a struggling artist. Like most artists, I do not make a penny from my Art, and I have to work a full time day job. I am lucky enough to have a well paid day job in industry, yet 2000 euros is still more than a month salary for me ! Most artists earn about half of that in their day job. My boyfriend who has been a musician and artist for all his life lives in a council flat and struggles doing art workshops for kids, addicts and the mentally ill.

    A Hang drum is NOT one of those expensive spiritual gadgets that gives the rich, bored and idle an excuse to splash thousands on some spiritual retreat where they get one as a reward in the end, and buy the illusion of actually achieving something thanks to their own worth while all they’ve done is splash money. A Hang drum is NOT a piece of fine art that rich people can splash a lot of money on in order to stick it on their wall and forget about it. At least, with a piece of Fine Art, ordinary people can look at reproductions of them in books and still reap most of the intellectual benefits of looking at it even they can’t own it.

    A hang drum is a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT which means a TOOL on which musicians can exerce and develop their own creativity, create more great art and give it back to the world in a different form.

    By choosing such a selective method of distributions, the makers of the hang drum are making sure that their creations fall into the hands of the rich and idle looking for a piece of novelty, rather that into the hands of the fiancially struggling but genuinely creative artists.

    Therefore, yes, they are elitists arrogant capitalists.

    Please note I do not blame them for hand making their instruments rather than selling the design for mass production. I can understand that skilled makers want to keep the quality to a high standard, so as to make sure musicians can make the best music on it. I blame them for adding “gadgets” (flying to switzerland, staying there socialising for a few days) that artificially inflate the overall cost of getting the intrument, while adding NOTHING WHATSOEVER to its quality. It is only a marketing ploy to make buyers feel like they are part of a selected elite. This is a typically capitalist marketing ploy, where the buyer is sold a flattering illusion as much as a product (eg, you don’t just buy a car that takes you from A to B, you buy sex appeal).

    The true artist and musician does not give a s**** about being coopted into some elitist community, all they want is a quality instrument on which they can start WORKING THEIR ART. and preferably at the best price possible (while still at a fair price for the maker) because 300 euros wasted on a plane ticket mean at least 30 hours one needs to work at a soul destroying day job, and 30 hours less spent making music.

    • Michael Says:

      Hello Melanie,
      I think, you are not well informed about how the hang is sold by its makers. Because some buyers could make the trip to switzerland, the hang makers decided 2008 to ship the hang to those who cannot come to their workshop. In the two years before this wasn’t possible because the hanghang had different tunings and it was a must to try it out personally to be satisfied. Also today I strongly recommend everybody who is able to make the trip to Switzerland to pick up a hang personally because although it has only one tuning the instruments are different. I played a number of hanghang in PANArt’s workshop a week ago and some of them didn’t satisfy me while others felt wonderful. How sad if I got shipped one of the first group?
      So all your accusations doesn’t meet the reality.

      The main problem you suffer from is that America is so far from Switzerland. But what shall we Europeans say if there was something in USA and we had to fly? And what shall all people with a tenth part income of yours shall say? PANArt really are not capitalists. If they were they would sell the hang for 5000 Euros or more. You know the high Ebay prices! But they don’t do it because they want that the hang remains payable. PANArt cannot solve geograpical problems or the injustice in the world. But what they can do, they do.

  100. michaels totaly right.i went in search of a cajon 2 yr ago,and there wer 5 to choose from,i walked away happy knowing id got the
    best for me.
    a drums like a car,u gota test drive it first.i carnt wait 2 get my mits on two
    of these hangs,but it looks like ill hav2.
    we all know anythin worth havins worth waitin for.
    if i had the lolly id travel to the moon for one,and i dont like heights.
    ps have yaz checked out (portico quartet)on youtube and Nick mulvay.ava look much luv.Cherpa

  101. François Says:

    “How not to buy a Hang”, it was the topic !
    I spent 2 hours to read all this (I havn’t a fluent english !) and quite nothing to self-building one !
    I’am sure I’ll successfully make a Hapi-like model, it’s easy and simple to tune…
    But Hang is completely different universe ! Nobody try to make it’s own ? I saw people so in love with this instument I can’t understand that nobody try to make one’s…

  102. Michael Says:

    I do understand because they don’t triy:
    A Hang is nothing that can built do it yourself like a Hapi. At first you need the rawform of deep drawn nitrided sheet steel. It will cost you the price of about 50 Hanghang to get a number produced by a factory who is able to. Then you must learn all the acoustical and engeneering details that are necessary to build a Hang. Then you need an Oven for the number of Heating processes during the tuning. And at the end you need some years of using the hammer tuning steel: That’s nothing for do it yourself.

  103. Michael Says:

    Ahem…. I meant:
    I do understand why they don’t try.

  104. Craft Says:

    I make my own hang drums .
    will be up for sale soon.
    in the u.s

  105. Michael Says:

    I,ve seen too much comments like your’s at my Hangblog to be able to believe. Let’s see and hear what you can offer. Then we will know.
    B.t.w. Hang is a registered trademark. Therefor “hang” or “hang drum” or any other compound using “hang” cannot be used to denote other musical instruments or advertise them.

  106. François Says:

    Michael, I understand you’re right, I saw a spanish site with industrially made Hang… Really nothin to do with the real PanArt Hang !
    It looks like, but doesn’t sound good.
    I didn’t thought about perfect self-made-Hangs, but about an hypothetic gallery of crazy-self-made Hangs. People seems to be so fool of love for this instrument ! Whith no money, I always try to find a personal way… rather if it’s impossible to reach the target.
    I only thought people too…
    With all respect for genious creators of this wonderfull instrument !

  107. Elizabeth Says:

    My friend in Toronto, Canada has an authentic Hang drum to sell. It is in mint condition.
    Please contact me for further info – I can put you in touch.

    • ignas Says:

      hi elizabeth, please send me a msg about that to im interested!

    • Jérémie Says:

      Hi Elizabeth! im travelling around the world right now with my brother who´s a busker doing contact juggling. But we got a problem, the sound amplification is prohibited and we got problems with the police…. were not making a lot of money right now since my brother needs some music to perform, so if youre willing to contact me to give me more info about that hang drum, would be really apreciated. My parents are living in quebec and im sure they would be happy to go and get it for me.
      Theres my email, and im waiting for youre answer!

      thank you


    • fotis Says:

      Hello Elizabeth,
      I’m looking for a hung to buy
      long time now and i’m happy that i read it from you.Even though i live in Greece we can managed it.
      I hope to hear you soon!!

    • Jason Says:

      Um, well, considering she is breaking the contract she signed when she purchased the Hang, you had better contact the dealer first cbefore publishing this to an open website. If she has an original, as I do, and traveled to Bern, then she is aware that she can have legal action taken against her for selling this to anyone other than PanArt.

    • eddie Says:

      Please contace me !!! 1760 239 8055 if for sale im in cali!

    • Jeremy Says:

      Hi Elizabeth! I live right over the bridge in Michigan. If your friend still has this, I have cash ready to go! Email me at . Thanks!

    • Sofia Says:

      What can I do to contact him? I live in Toronto… So It would be easy, right ?
      thank you

  108. jaon larocque Says:

    I have a “D” minor pentatonic 2nd generation panArt hang with hard case and cover that I am thinking of selling. What is th going price?

    • jean-francois vigneault Says:

      Salut Jean, as-tu encore ton hang drum, as-tu trouvé ton prix de vente?
      Es-tu au québec?
      J’ai découvert les hangs depuis qqtemps et je capote!!!!
      J’ai tellement envie d’en jouer
      A bientot

    • dafnanuriel Says:

      still interested in selling?

      if so, please write me

  109. john larocque Says:

    Sorry, previous post I misspelled my name.

  110. Jason Says:

    I have the (and this will sound wierd) first 2nd generation Hang by PanART. I keep it in my office as a reminder of the rediculous amount I paid to travel and purchase the thing. It’s a novel idea. Let me be the first to state that the “hype” is all that it is. I’ve had friends play it, and compared to other steel drums and instuments, it’s overrated:( However, it’s a nice art piece, but kind in mind, there are far better crafted and less expensive pieces out there.

  111. isaiah Says:

    i agree … i still go for music that has lyrics and emotions than just a sound or a tone that may mean nothing, for me i still go for elvis’s songs or the eagles, to what i observed hang drum owners bought the item out of curiosity or to show of … after a while they lose interest and sell them, and of the record the hang drums are originally made instrument for rituals and burials by the natives.

  112. john larocque Says:

    I started playing my hang again. I forgot (I have a number of other instruments that I play regularly) how much fun and relaxing this instrument is. Brings my blood pressure right down.

    I am not really a precussionist so I do not get the most out of this instrument, but it is fun.


  113. john larocque Says:

    I ment to say, I think I will keep it for awhile.


  114. john larocque Says:


    check with me agin in a few months. If I am not playing it I will pass it along to someone who will.


  115. What a clever post! I did a of blogging for dummies over on one of the CPA Marketing forums and I thought it was too simple for them, but the sum of emails I got asking questions just like what you addressed was unbelievable. As young people today we have grown up with computers, but it’s easy to forget that even individuals just a a couple of years older have not! Really good post! 🙂

  116. stefanaccio Says:

    Have also been looking for a hang drum of this kind. Would it be possible to have it shipped to Italy? Grazie!

  117. thebulldog Says:

    Now what could we expect if a traditional steel drum was cut from the drum rim and a concave steel back were attached, would this not be much like a hang drum ?
    at quite a saving.

  118. jean-francois vigneault Says:

    Have you tried the HALO drum
    the HAPI drum
    the zen tambour
    the BElls

    Is there other on the market????

    Ther will have to be usinated one soon by LP or TOCA or Yamaha
    there is money to be done here!!!

  119. […] company that manufactures them doesn't even have a website. According to various sources such as this one, if you can't make it to Switzerland with $500+ in your pockets, you won't be able to buy […]

  120. […] drums are tuned, steel tongue hand drums that are easy to learn and fun to play.  Inspired by the hang drum, they are a lot less expensive, and you don’t need to buy a ticket to Sweden to get your […]

  121. tea sparke Says:

    This instrument should never be mass produced, look what happened to Jembe drums that now sit as coffee tables in thousands of households……………………………………………………………….for those desperados theres an app on the iphone.( which could never come close to the real deal)

  122. […] seller suggests buying one as part of a timeshare.  Seriously. Availability: Described as “virtually unobtainable“, may require a trip to […]

  123. Serge Says:

    For the first time, I have heard play on hang in Amsterdam, some years ago and have fallen in love with its sounding. I will be very grateful, if somebody will answer me and allow to get this surprising tool.
    Thanks and sorry for bad English.

  124. L Says:

    Does anyone know the dimensions of a hang drum, or hang-type drum (I know there’s the Halo and a few others out there). And what thickness the metal is. I’ve been doing research and I might try and make my own out of some drum lids, and welding them together. Any suggestions, specs for the drum, etc. would be appreciated. Has anyone else tried to build their own?

  125. beegutz Says:

    I’ve listened at sounds of all links provided here.. (except bells.. some error on the page appearantly.. ) both Halo and Hang sound fairly equal.. positive about hang is the personal approach.. I’m more the kind of buyer that likes to purchase what I feel comfortable with.. so choosing my instrument isn’t my issue at all. I’m not a metal engineer so will probably not be making my own drum soon. the sound is so celestial and calming.. even when never playing it again one could let the rain do the playing.. I can visualy and soundly emagine. also the amount of 500$ sounds fair enough and savable in an amount of months waiting.. (if that is still the current price..)-(and go there by bus or car or by bike..) I’m wandering whether this instrument is truely yust a perk to show off with.. atleast some of us, i’m sure, don’t feel this way and are really connected to the sound (I know the feeling just playing guitar..some kind of trance you get into..and i don’t do drugs of any kind.. nor the legal or illegal) I think music just moves me, I float away. no drugs needed in the first place.. about that halo. the costs are higher, the sound is fairly similar.. It has a few more tones on it (so it will save another trip..although if the artists really are good people and sell you an unforgettable memmory along with the drum for the price included-from what I’ve read they really are hospitable and artists such as myself) I think it’s worth the trip both the price to obtain such a hangdrum. with the following months decidingtime.. it sounds fair enough for me. I m happy to have read this thread.. I will think it over for sure before I’ll start acting towards purchase..^^ greatings

  126. cris Says:

    what is the best alternative to hang then? thx

  127. Gus Bus Says:

    I really would love to have and hang drum, If anyone wants to sell one please contact me.

  128. John Says:

    Call me. (703)401-8553

  129. Bulldog Says:

    Save your money, the hang is an overpriced novelty, it is much like a new toy for a child,
    it will after a month find the way into a closet or corner. We dont find many professional musical groups using them, the sound becomes boring and bland, can you really imagine sitting on the floor for hours playing something that anyone can master, unless there is some mind altering medication consumed. The hang is much like playing music on wind chimes, the sound is nice for a while, but after four hours … hahahaaaa.

  130. No Bulldog Says:

    Bulldog, you kinda suck. Open your ears or try to find some good tunes, instead of ranting about an instrument which you seem to have never gotten your hands on.

    • John Says:

      The thing about a hang is that it is easy to play,hard to play well. In the right hands it is sublime. I can imagine playing it for hours because I have. Gives the same sense of peace as hours of playing a shruti box or Chrystal bowls, or Native American flute.

      Bulldog is not there. He just likes doing different things musically. We can not all be as musically gifted and talented as he is. So. The more accessible instruments give us a portal to music that feeds our soul.

      The hang is easy to play and to get really good expect to spend hours sitting on the floor having fun.

  131. Lu Says:

    Hi.. Im from Mexico city, i wrote to Pan Art 2 years ago and recieved a NO posible answer…is there other way or somebody wants to sell one?

  132. Grif Says:

    I just saw some people play hang drums last week at the Chapel of the Chimes Solstace “sounding” in Oakland, California about two weeks ago (there were four of them present). A Sicilian woman who played two of them very well explained their rarity. If you`ve ever read Pete Seeger`s book about making and playing steel drums, you will find that these are of such a nature that they can’t really be “stamped out” by machines- they have to be very carefully (and noisily) pounded out and tuned individually, by hand. I`m sure that the hang drum is made in much the same way. The only way I can see to get the price down, and the quantities manufactured up, is for the guys who make them now to train lots of other people to do it, too. this could take a while, and the instruments still wouldn’t be cheap, what with all the hours of labor it would take to make one. I suppose one could learn something of the principals and techniques of making a hang drum from the Pete Seeger steel drum book, but I`m sure there`s even more to it than that, and it’s obviously not easy.

  133. Bob Cruikshanks Says:

    Having problems tracking down address for Felix and/or Sabina. Are they still making HANG, if so would appreciate the address.

    Rgds, Bob C

  134. RS Says:

    I have a 1st Generation Panart hang which I am going to sell. In fine condition, not really played since 2007. Before that it was played for a bit over a year in a small percussion ensemble, usually with soft yarn mallets. Has a gypsy tuning. Write if interested, as I am trying a few select forums before going the e-mail route.

  135. RS Says:

    AMENDMENT — sorry, late wee hours! I meant the eBay route, not the e-mail route. Location is Montreal. Reply here or to

  136. Danny Says:

    Hi all, I am selling my second gen Hang #428 due to unfortunate circumstances that have imposed themselves upon my life. Considering my history with this community and this instrument, this is a very, very hard thing for me to do. It is also hard for me to try to get as high a price as I can. But unfortunately, I am not in a position to offer it otherwise. I am sorry. I am taking offers via my email : imagineyehandpan at yahoo dot com. More info can be found here : When an agreement is reached, I will send my Hang to Kyle at Pantheon Steel to ensure it is in the very best shape it can be. As it is being sold for a profit, this hang will not be tuned by PANArt. But I have had experience and great faith in Kyle and am confident in his abilities. I only do this to ensure a happy Hang owner. I know of no other seller that has offered this assurance. This sale is not a fraudulent sale or scam. In consideration of my position on a popular online Hang forum, it would be foolish of me to offer anything but a legitimate sale.So please send only serious bids to imagineyehandpan @ yahoo dot com. Thank you! and good luck!-Danny – “Imagineye”

    • Passionflower62 Says:

      Dear Danny
      I came across a gentle man the other w/e at the markets in Cottontree, sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia who was playing the “Hang” well I was mesmerised, I felt like I was hearing the sound of mother earth for the very first time with true clarity & reasononse.
      If you have not already sold your Hang 428 I would seriously be interested in obtaining such a beautiful instrument. Please send details to the above email, & I do hope that finacial circumstances soon improve for you, we all have to come and go with the flow…..
      Best regards suzanne

  137. Tai Says:

    hiya all…

    Ive been looking for hang drums for a good couple of years and they are just almost impossible to get hold of… however…

    If you dont mind having a manufactured one… then i found this site:

    I went to glastonbury and a guy was up in the TOR with one just like this… it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! manufactured or not!
    (they also Hire it out for £50 too aparently!

    Hope this helps!


  138. […] read How (Not) To Buy A Hang Drum Burned At Both Ends sounds like a good way to make a few bucks if you can figure out how to make one […]

  139. Danila Says:

    Hi all. I dream of Hang too. If anybody sell it, let me know please =)

  140. gigout Says:

    Hi, could i have some informations about it and about the price?
    i’m really interested to get one.

  141. Bstylin Says:

    So far I have seen at least one legit attempt at recreating the idea of the Hang, and its called the Halo. has it but it is still pricey and you have to special request an order. Are there any other companies out there attempting to mass produce this style of drum??? Even something similar would be nice. I wish I had the skills to make them, I’d be a rich man by now

  142. […] That is IF YOU CAN GET ONE! […]

  143. chase Says:

    to hear this new instrument i am making check out my site…

    do not confuse these with any hank drum etc. you may have seen online, we have discovered a way to make these things sound so good you gotta

    hear to understand ! i am a hang drum player (Dminor integral) and like these drums just as much !!

  144. greg dugan Says:

    these instruments should not be kept hidden. Because of the beatiful melodies and beats it can create at the same time, using only your hands, this thing shoulbe be all over the world. Giving us musicians something else to try, something else to use, something to complete our music

    • chase Says:

      you can have 4-5 of something just as good that will last forever without going out of tune… for way less, and no elite hang drum ego… visit TANKDRUM.COM

  145. Fitz Says:

    I sell my hang! If someone is seriously interested please contact me: the price is 1300 euro about (package cost and shipping cost included)!

    • Kim kloprogge Says:

      I would love to buy a hangdrum as above.
      Can anybody help me with this?

      In love,


      • mahin ickna Says:

        i have tried to make hang drum from to woks and its turn out not bad at all.with some basic tool available at most of the hard ware stores around your place.its fun and very rewarding.try make one by your self and play it,fantastic feeling!!

  146. Coz Says:

    Guys, you are missing an important point – SCARCITY!

    Scarcity is what makes you desire things as if it is short supply you have something a lot of people do not. It is the same concept that a certain portable device manufacturer uses to make lots of money out of you – a very savvy marketing trick using Human nature, one could say weakness.

    From a musician’s point of view, if you have a unique sound it makes your music more memorable and if less people have access to the kit/technology that creates is as demonstrated in these blogs, desired!

  147. Bill T Says:

    I have seen a halo for sale on ebay. Does anyone have any info. I really want one

  148. God Says:

    If anyone reads this, they have stopped making them, and even if they were, you probably wouldn’t get one. I was in Bath yesterday and there was a guy with a hang there. He said that they stopped producing them, and they SELECTED their customers, so serious musician friends only.

    Shame really.

    • Robyn Sheppard Says:

      Daniel & Danny of ‘hedgemonkeys’ played their authentic hang drums in Bath yesterday & said that the Swiss couple mentioned higher up in this thread only make a few hundred drums per year now and these are only available by writing to them explaining why you want one etc. Fantastic sound … hypnotic!

  149. Hand Callous Says:

    When demand outstrips supply another supplier will always step in. I remember when a Didgeridoo was a rare sight in the UK and now they are available in every gift shop in town. I understand that the production of this instrument is slightly more compicated. but eventually one will make it to china and if they can knock off an Ipod i’m sure someone will manage production of this sooner rather than later. I like most people Would rather buy one from the originators and inventors of this lovely sounding drum. What a shame that their own attitude towards production will enevitabley result in someone else reaping the profits. My advice hold on to your cash it wont be long before they are for sale in every percussion shop at a 3rd of the price available now.

  150. Dennis Says:

    I could not agree more with the last post. I surely don’t want to smoke what these guys in Switzerland smoke. It’s definitely a hallucinogenic. Who made them the almighty gods of this steel drum anyway? It’s a steel drum. A STEEL DRUM, ok? However great it might sound – it is what it is. Come on China, you’re about to make some real bucks here. Get one, study it and start copying. Call it a “Hung” to not infringe on these paranoids’ patent. LOL. Felix and Sabina: You deserve nothing but a broken bank account and broken dreams. Asking street musicians to stop playing the instrument because you’re so overwhelmed with inquiries???? You are truly insane.

  151. ScepeBalp Says:

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  152. Ashley Says:

    Fortunately for those in North America, there is another incredibly unique sounding metal drum called The Oscar Steel Drum (Made by Tribal Thunder). Affordable, available and made in Canada!

    I absolutely love playing them. I especially enjoy watching people react to the incredible sound… definitely something most have never heard before.

  153. mamamassimo Says:

    Hi All, I am selling my Hang 1st Generation. You can see and hear it on Ebay. It is listed as a Best Offer sale rather than an auction. I am only selling it because my family needs the money for a home. Yes the price is expensive, but make a resonable offer. I doubt that the prices of these instruments will be any cheaper next year. Good luck!

  154. julcase Says:

    I see an original used SoulPan Hang drum on e-bay and the bidding is currently at $3,000!!!

  155. Hi my loved one! I want to say that this article is awesome, great written and include almost all significant infos. I would like to look more posts like this .

  156. wodzislaw Says:

    I saw a lot of these instruments in Belgium. It sound really great even in open air.

  157. Город X Says:

    Nice weblog right here! Additionally your website loads up very fast! What host are you the use of? Can I am getting your associate hyperlink on your host? I wish my website loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  158. claire Says:

    wow. I am a ceramic artist. i have been wanting to make an udu drum for years and have been searching styles when i came across the metal beauty of the hang drum. it is amazing and for what it’s worth glad they are keeping the art sacred. it would be lovely to own one someday. it took me many years to afford my first djembe and in fact raised the money by making clay drums. … you can’t always get what you want, when you want it. peace is in the patient.

  159. Mark Says:

    People, you seem to assume that mass production would be a natural next step for the hang drum. Perhaps if you thought differently about what the object is you might be a little less angst-filled. Hand made objects have an intrinsic value in that they are hand made. Almost by definition hand made also means the numbers produced will be low. You can’t expect the same rules that apply to these drums as they do to a trap set or even so-called hand made african drums that are produced in their thousands. You need to place these drums in a context like a work of art.

    Example – just because people like the work of a certain sculptor does not mean that the sculptor is in some way obliged to begin to mass produce his or her work to meet public demand. It is generally not the sale of the sculpture that motivates the artist but rather the love of the making of the object and the passion that drives the artist to do so.

    Any of you familiar with acoustic guitars will know that a luthier made instrument is much more expensive than a factory made one and that each has minor variations that add to its uniqueness and value. If you want a factory guitar you can get one any day of the week. If you want a luthier made guitar, be prepared for a long wait and be prepared to pay accordingly.

    I have a friend who plays antique wooden open-hole flutes. He recently sent an instrument to one of the preeminent flute-makers in the world (in Australia) to be repaired. It took a year to get it back. It didn’t take a year because the flute maker way uppity. It took a year because it was one man making or repairing one flute at a time. The maker is particularly gifted and that should be respected and treasured.

    There is much to be said about the experience of buying from the maker. Where I live (the States) I can buy an instrument online or from one of the big retail stores from someone who may know little about the instrument beyond the basics. That transaction does not lend anything to treasuring the instrument. Imagine what you could learn about an instrument from its maker. Imagine the kind of feeling you would get from playing such an instrument knowing it was hand made and that you had met the maker and seen the place it was made. None of this comes from the factory.

    Someone above suggested that nobody has a right to one of these very special drums. In the most basic sense this is true. If you want one, get in line and be prepared to wait and save your cash for the trip to get it. You can’t apply your mass production expectations to the makers of these drums. They are crafting drums for their own reasons and your disappointments aren’t of their making. Some things are worth waiting for.

  160. Berge Says:

    The hang drums are still being produced as of what i can gather but the price is rather steep (about 1600 euros), the wait is long and you have to write an application to be granted the right to buy one (source

    Personally I’m looking into alternative products found at:

    Allthough you can argue that these are not original hangs and their sound are different etc… remember that the hang as well is ever-changeing – each “generation” of PanArts drums are different from those before. Check out the alternatives and see if there is something there that fits you!

    Peace =)

  161. naresh Says:

    I want to get a hang drum from Switzerland, order it.
    And i dont mind the price iam serching 4fm 2 years.
    and i really want to add it to my music.
    Pls help! thanks .

  162. philoxenos Says:

    Interesting to read all the comments – the best tip for me above was checking out the Portico Quartet who have a hang playing member. Lovely to discover this band! They’ve got a lot of vids on youtube.

    From checking out the practitioners on other youtube vids and here, the hang lends itself to a certain musical flow that is very “European” in association harmonically and rhythmically and in a sense the softer timbre and lighter attack plus the tuning (when compared to the steel pan) also gives this instrument an edge in the new age kind of musical style.

    The limited tuning will not be everyone’s cup ot tea unless you are ready to buy a full set of 4-7 instruments.

    Personally as a percussionist and composer I will stick to the steel pan for the original aesthetic, the timbre and also the associations closer to “Africa” via the Carribean and further because the steel pan is more comfortable in syncopation and powerful expressions of rhythmic outburst.

    The hang is too smooth and perfected for me, the tone is not as multi-dimensional as the steel pan. As mentioned, the hang’s tone is “warm” to the steel pan’s “bright” but you could say it is “dull” to the steel pan’s “rich”! It is a matter of taste.

    Any maker of steel pan could make this inverted instrument but do they want to? Is the question… leave it to the Swiss couple to follow their passion and attract their followers…

    The truth of an instrument is brought out in the music that it makes, in the end. The hang, leaving aside the mystique attached and prettiness of the sound, easiness to play, is an aneamic Swiss echo of the steel pan. Compare the music made on this instrument to the steel pan repertoire to get this point. Wherease the steel pan is a great contribution to the family of musical instruments from Trinidad that is withstanding the test of time, the hang is more of a novelty variation on the margins with a small following of serious musicians. (imho).

    BTW if you want a good steel pan, you’ll travel to Trinidad to get it!!!!! So let those that want a hang go to Switzerland, sounds like a great place to visit in any case.

    If I had the chance I would pop in there, but I don’t want a hang it would get boring very quickly – there is a good reason why most of our percussion is unpitched. Pitch = tedium, Noise = complexity. The exceptions (marimba, steel pan) have a heightened noise component that is critical to their respective musical traditions.

    • John LaRocque Says:

      As a former hang owner, I would say this is dead on. The hang, as pretty as it sounds, gets boring very quickly.

      • David George Says:

        Interesting points regarding the relevance or novelty of the hang drum.
        As for them becoming boring, all instruments can become boring at some point to anyone. As a player of numerous instruments (brass, woodwinds, stringed, percussion, etc.) I’ve become bored with each of them at some point or other.
        As for people being put off by Felix and Sabina’s policies, I can empathize as searching for a hang drum myself has proved frustrating as well. However, after reading some of the posts by Felix and Sabina explaining their intent, I fully appreciate and understand their position in wanting to absolutely maintain the quality and integrity of their work. The very fact that so many are seeking them out and waiting as they are, testifies to the quality, craftsmanship, and artistry of their product.
        While I, too, wish there were some way to make these broadly available to the general public, I would rather they maintain their integrity and values to the instrument than let it turn into a poor quality knock-off mass produced elsewhere. If that were to happen, I wouldn’t want it.
        We’ve already seen how that story plays out before. The Gibson and Fender guitars made overseas are just not as good as the original hand made ones. I’ve played the early 1970s models right next to the latest made, and they just don’t line up.
        If we’re lucky, maybe enough people will take on the mantle and join up with Felix and Sabina to fully learn their artistry and methods, and raise their production capabilities for the rest of us.

  163. Psylo Says:

    Is there anyone that knows when Sabina and Felix are at the workshop? Im planning to take a trip to switzerland in the summer and say, Hi, help them out if they need any help, leave my letter and hopefully try some hangs or maybe even get one with me home.

  164. i to would like to have one but what i wanna know is what it is make out of and how would u make it or atleast the notes to play it cause i’m 20 and honstally my job isnt making me enough to go there and buy one let alone buy one for $4k off ebay and does anybody kno how the rim of the hang drum was made is it one or 2 peices?’ and if some have a brass ring or if its still just part of the steel?

  165. Melbin Philip Says:

    Good evening..
    My name is Melbin ..i have been searching for hang drums ..from past 2months..
    In the above content it was mentioned that the hang drum in switzerland is sold out for $500..
    That true..if so i want to buy one as soon as posible..
    Looking forward for a positive reply
    my email-id would be mention above..
    Thank you.
    Have a good day

    • John LaRocque Says:

      Try $1600 in Switzerland, if you can get them to sell you one. And, oh yes, you have to go to Switzerland to bond with it first. I sold mine for $5,000.

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  169. I am a hang fan and have been researching for some months now on that instrument, since I saw it played by two amazing guys in christaniashavn in copenhagen denmark.
    and then few years later, at goa arambol beach.

    It’s a beautiful instrument, and I have been researching on understanding the physics and the science behind it. If you look at the correspondance between the inventors and a magazine, you can understand the nuances of the instrument, the reasons of creations and if the reasons of creations are true you can make it.

    what i feel is, that there it is a tuned instrument in itself with vibrating chambers, vibrating according to the helmhotz principle, there are original designs of his vibrating pot, that is the bottom part, which if made using metal forming using steel (and as some one said above, it could also be come from trinidadian steel pans). Have you thought that it is the same shape of a ghatakam, which is an indian clay pot, the porous of clay is necessary to create these resonances.. resonances are important because they travel through the skin, thus creating an intimate relationship with the player. ..
    so the steel is very important, and then there is the top part where there is similar structure but with engravings to control the helmhotz tuning frequency of that amazingly beautiful vibrating chamber.. had you ever held a tuning fork with your teeth? 😉 its an amazing feeling.. 😛
    so these engravings are tuned with scales which are automatically tuned, so its like a perfectly tuned song which can never go wrong..!! all you have to do is to do just control these vibrating chambers using deft touch of your hands.. another inspiration comes from tibetian prayer bowls, ever tried them, 😉 which can lead to a sustaned resonance, often to some minutes!! ? there are some hangs which can actually lead to this kind of sustained resonance.

    so .. the deal is i have been workign a little and need a little help with making it, do you think we can make a team? I am going to put my progres on a blog.


  170. Brandi Says:

    I am extremely intrigued by their sound and the feeling you get while listening to them and to know that its so much more than a drum you are making music to show your soul I completely understand the concept and yes i wish it wasn’t a year plus wait but do understand.. .

  171. Lotusdrum Says:

    Also check out – an alternative made by hand(by me).

  172. Precisely how much time did it acquire u to compose
    “How (Not) To Buy A Hang Drum Burned At Both Ends”?
    It contains a good deal of beneficial information.
    Thanks a lot ,Rosemary

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  175. Heriberto Says:

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    However, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you certain concerning the supply?

    • John Says:

      There reall is no supply. Get on the list and maybe you will get one in a few years.

  176. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and
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