Keyboard+Mouse vs. Gamepad Finally Resolved

August 23, 2007

Earlier this month gaming blog Joystiq speculated that the Unreal Engine 3 — used to power the hotly anticipated Unreal Tournament 3, among others — will support cross-platform online play between PC and PS3:

Gamespy Tech + Unreal Engine 3 = crossplatform PS3 and PC online play

Unreal 3_1

At last! Now we can finally put to rest the age-old debate: “Which is better? Keyboard+mouse or gamepad?” As a long-time PC-gamer, I’m fairly confident that the legions of UT fans who have honed their FPS skills since the first in the series was released back in 1999 will come out on top. And perhaps I can now dish out some serious pwnage on all my console-friendly buddies who always paste me whenever I play an FPS with a gamepad. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve displayed serious suckage when wrestling with the gamepad control mechanism in shooters. Soon it’ll be payback time!

Unhappily however, it seems Epic have already foreseen the potential imbalance this move would allow, and are planning to make UT3 compatible with the PS3 keyboard+mouse setup. They’re also set to allow the host of any online game to decide whether to allow mixed controller matches.

Whatever the case, I just can’t wait for the game to be finished so I can start practicing my Shock Rifle combos again. Bring on the carnage!


14 Responses to “Keyboard+Mouse vs. Gamepad Finally Resolved”

  1. Salvatoori Says:

    I seriously don’t think the differences between controller/mouse & keyboard are that great.
    The whole “mouse is 9000 times better than controller” thing was created by pc-elitists who immediately call anyone who disagrees fanboys. Analog thumbstick > keyboard, for movement
    Mouse > thumbstick, for aiming although that just depends on how good you are.

    You can aim better with a controller. You can also aim better with a mouse. It all depends on what you’re used to.
    and controller rumble

    • SirTasty Says:

      How about this:
      Microsoft tried to implement cross-platform play, but cancelled it because PC gamers were PASTING console users. It wasn’t even fair.

      So, fanboy, it wasn’t “created” out of the blue. It’s empirically verifiable.

      • SgtNoob Says:


        SirTasty: 1
        Salvatoori : 0

        Rest assured, if it was a cross platform fps, there would be a much greater disparity..

        Controllers are great for some games, fps games are not one of them. It isn’t even about taste, it is about cold hard mechanics. Either can work, but in the real word, sometimes some things are just superior for certain jobs.

        Not that I think Salvatoori is still around here to address his prejudice.

    • Snowman Says:

      Analog thumbstick isn’t as quick as keyboard for movement. I’d like to see you strafejump in quake on your console with that thumbstick.

      For platformers, hell yes it’s better. Haf-life 2 platforming was some of the worst parts of the game.

      I’m sick of these “lets all be friends” and “whatever you’re used to is best” arguments. It’s not true. Mouse and keyboard does have a higher potential, but it’s harder to be a newbie in that environment also. People keep forgetting this. It’s not all about how YOU control. It’s how the competition controls also. This is why XIM users for xbox are hated. Mouse and keyboard is clearly an unfair advantage in that environment. In PC gaming, Mouse and keyboard is fair. Using a gamepad might be the best option for you if you’re used to it from say console. But if you say play to win. You gotta switch to mouse and keyboard and learn it when you play on PC.

      • suihfuisadfasd Says:

        What if I play to have some fun, Captain Armstrong the fourth of the United Gaming Brigade??

      • snowman Says:

        Fun? Videogames? That’s odd but sure, doesn’t affect me.

  2. Bleak Says:

    No doubt about it. Mouse + KB is far superior to a game pad when it comes to FPS’s

    Anyone who thinks a game pad is ‘just as good’ or, god forbid, better is a console only gamer.

    LOTS of games are better suited to a game pad don’t get me wrong. I’m speaking purely of FPS’s.

  3. dobbs Says:

    kb mouse is better for aiming

  4. poop Says:

    keyboard and mouse are plainly better for most fps games (and likely all online fps games) for one simple reason, with a gamepad you cant flip a 360 in under a second then slowly aim at a penny across the room, not without changing settings between the two movements. a mouse has an infinite plane of movement from left to right, and as such you can move it fast, and you turn fast, or you can move it slow, and you turn slow, this is not only more intuitive, but it allows for a much wider range of movement speeds which results in faster, and higher accuracy

    and i can assure you, an analog controll for the movement isnt as useful as it might appear, not to say its worthless, it just doesnt overcome the strengths of the mouse, not to mention there are all sorts of solutions that are easily available to give a normaly keyboard and mouse user access to a left thumbstick, while keeping the mouse

  5. GhettoLord Says:

    The WiiMote+Nunchuk combo is way, way, WAY better and infinitely more intuitive than any other controller setup for FPS games. Just check out Resident Evil 4 on the Wii.

    • boinger Says:

      I totally agree. If only the Wii had better graphics, games, and amount of buttons…

    • Snowman Says:

      I love that thing. Wish they had a peripheral for my PC.
      Or my Ps3 even (no playstation move won’t do).

  6. acornco Says:

    heh… im not sure if any one noticed but… console ports of ut3 seperates mouse users from gamepad users into seperate lobbys.

    never the two shall meet.

    • Snowman Says:

      Well UT3 has servers on PC and on Xbox&Ps3 it’s a lobby system as i recall. It’s dead on the console now anyway.

      And it’s in it’s last two hundreds on PC. But most likely it won’t be dead for another year or so.

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