Weekend Clippings

August 25, 2007

This is the first of what will hopefully become a regular series of links for the weekend. It contains headlines and links to any stories I’ve enjoyed reading through the week, but haven’t had time to write about.

Usually this feature will focus on internet, technology, science and gaming-related news, but from time to time other topics may creep in too. Basically, it’ll be anything and everything that annoys, interests, excites, scares, amuses, and fascinates me from this week’s news.
I cull links throughout the week from a number of sources: reddit, del.icio.us, digg, and bloglines clippings are the main ones. As usual, I’ll endeavour to give credit where credit’s due:

  • Contact Sport (The Guardian) | How social networking can be a good thing for businesses.
  • Preview of Spore (Eurogamer) | An excellent preview of Will Wright’s (The Sims) highly anticipated new evolution game for PC.
  • Google Invades Outer Space (The Register) | More Google-related fare: this week the big G announced an extension to Google Earth — Google Sky, allowing users to conduct free desk-based astronomy.
  • Warner Bros. Videos Audience To Catch Audience Videoing Movies (BoingBoing) | And finally, in what is surely one of the most bizarre anti-piracy moves yet, Warner Bros. has resorted to employing some guy to stand in the corner of a cinema and film the audience to make sure no one is taping the movie. BoingBoing strikes another blow against corporate absurdity.
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