MySpace Finally Collapses Under The Weight Of Its Own Supreme Ignorance

September 8, 2007

That’s it! From today, I will endeavour never to visit again!

MySpace logo

I’ve just spent the best part of the last hour trying to listen to a few local bands on MySpace only to have my internet connection deluged by millions of A4-sized gig promo leaflets which appear in the comments section on Every. Single. Page. It’s not as if I have a lame connection speed, either: 5Mbps here. All I wanted was to hear a few tracks to help me decide which gig to go to tonight, but instead I have to spend 10 minutes downloading flyers I never even look at.

This reminds me why I stopped using MySpace in the first place: every time you log on you get a swarm of spammy friend requests, usually from some lame 16-year-old band who’ve used their Dad’s Macbook to record a wack-sounding 15-minute demo. Their profile pages are filled with self-aggrandizing statements like: “IndieKid4000X formed in August 2007 after a profound meeting of musical minds down at the local KFC. Lead singer Michael “Micky” McRiff is the new Jeff Buckley crossed with Slash. Oh, and by the way, we sound like nothing else, ever, and we’re better than the Arctic Monkeys. Add us plz!”

After several months of rejecting requests like this you start losing the will to live. So I upped sticks and moved to Facebook, which, despite its numerous flaws, is a veritable land of milk and honey compared to the internet car wreck that is MySpace.

It’s a shame, too, because MySpace seems to be resting on its laurels as the champion social networking site in terms of pageviews. But they’ve given users too much flexibility in designing their profiles, and as a result you see some of the most eye-achingly awful internet design abortions on And that’s before you get to the comments section, which everyone else abuses royally by sticking 800×600 multicolour flyers in every other post…

To all those great local bands trapped in the MySpace fog. Forget MySpace: FTW!

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