Weekend Clippings 3

September 9, 2007

My pick of this week’s sci-tech and web culture news offerings, clipped for great justice:

  • State of Play: Man Versus Machine (BBC) | Margaret Robertson (former editor of Edge magazine) writes about hard games, and the people who design machines to play against them.
  • Powerset Parses Miss South Carolina (TechCrunch) | Remember Miss South Carolina’s illuminating insight into the failings of the American education system? If not, the video is below. A new natural language search engine, Powerset, attempted to parse her answer based on the question “Who does education help?” TechCrunch reveals the response.

  • Thunderbird Toolbox (Mashable) | If you use Thunderbird, then you should check out Mashable’s comprehensive list of resources.
  • A US CERT Reminder: The Net Is A Dangerous Place (The Register) | If you’re paranoid about security and privacy online, you probably shouldn’t read this. The Reg reports on a simple attack involving authentication cookies which could give an attacker complete control over any number of web-based accounts.
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