Why My Reddit RSS Feed Is B0rked

October 11, 2007

For a while now my liked.rss feed from reddit has been well and truly knackered. You can see the results of this on the right-hand side of this page, in my sidebar — just keep scrolling, you’ll reach it eventually…

Yesterday I found out why: apparently all reddit rss feeds now require a login cookie. This is fine when you’re logged in to reddit and viewing my liked items, but not so good when you’re trying to display a feed in a feed reader or on a blog. This has been reported on both the bugs subreddit and vanilla reddit, so far without any response — not even an acknowledgement that there’s a problem.

And that’s not the only unfixed problem: I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to submit a link, only to be told “you’re submitting too fast!”. Well, I’m not the only one. This has been reported again and again, and there still hasn’t been any response.

In general I do value the quality of reddit as compared to digg et al, but all these problems are beginning to take the shine off somewhat.

UPDATE: 17/10/2007: It’s fixed! Reddit changed their code at the weekend and revamped most of the site. With this came a change in the way RSS feeds are handled. The upshot is it now works fine, so I’m happy!


8 Responses to “Why My Reddit RSS Feed Is B0rked”

  1. The Pizzle Says:

    Totally unrelated, but I thought you might enjoy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vei8lDklas

  2. lostmoya Says:

    Indeed I did! It’s great that he has a new song idea, which he then has to test in front of some stunning vista. This is the way you have to be if you play a hang.

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  4. Dimitri Says:

    lostmoya, is your feed still working for you? May I ask what URL you subscribed to? I am not experiencing success subscribing to my own “liked items” feed at Reddit. I went to my own page on Reddit, then clicked the “subscribe to RSS” button in Firefox. While I can subscribe to the RSS, no stories are piped through.

    I wrote a brief post about this issue and will update as the status changes:

    Thank you,

  5. lostmoya Says:

    Thanks Dimitri. I’ve replied on your blog too, but my liked feed is:


    If you can’t get at yours through Firefox, try substituting your reddit username for lostmoya in the URL above and see if you get any success.

  6. Dimitri Says:

    Er… I am having a β€œmentally slow day.” It is fixed. The error was entirely my own.

    Thank you for the comment!

  7. lostmoya Says:

    Semi-update: I just realised that they’ve changed the feed URL within the last few days. It’s now:


    Note the extra /! I’ve updated my blog so that the feed now displays correctly.

  8. Dimitri Says:

    Thank you for the update, Lostmoya!

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