Changed My Theme: Digg 3 Column

October 21, 2007

I decided to change my blog’s theme today to the recently released Digg 3 column theme by Small Potato. I’ve wanted a 3-column theme for a while mainly because, under the old 2-column theme, my sidebar went on for miles. I’m still undecided as to whether I’ll keep this new one or have a look around for others, but I thought a fresh look can’t be bad… Right? It looks a bit cluttered at the moment, but maybe I just need to reorganize my sidebars a little bit. I also need to find a new image for the header – I was getting a bit bored of the old head-melt graffiti.

In any case, watch this space…

UPDATE: Later that day: Er, yeah, well – I got bored of Digg 3. Basically, it didn’t really fit with the style I was looking for, so I ditched it in favour of this one: Cutline by Chris Pearson. Despite the fact that it’s back to two columns, I think it’s a lot neater and less cluttered. I’m keeping it… For now…


3 Responses to “Changed My Theme: Digg 3 Column”

  1. Pinchi Says:

    The DIGG 3 doesn’t have a blogroll !!! 😦 I am on the same template and want it.. help !!!!!!!!!

  2. Pinchi Says:

    ok figured the blogroll… chek out my blog though.. its kinda post dated as of now…

  3. lostmoya Says:

    As you may have spotted, I stopped using Digg 3 column because I wasn’t happy with the layout. Glad you got your blog sorted though. I’ll definitely head over and take a look…

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