Weekend Clippings 5

October 27, 2007

What’s clippings, precious? Why it’s merely a selection of stories from this week’s sci/tech/oddball news which I’ve found particularly noteworthy. To wit:

  • When work becomes a game (BBC News Technology) | The Beeb reports that some companies are turning to gaming to motivate employees, network in virtual worlds, and learn how to do business better.
  • Monkeys kill Delhi deputy mayor (Tailrank) | Surely the most bizarre news story of the week: this Tailrank story rounds up the best of the comments on the wild monkey attack.
  • Google vs. Systran: Mountain View Does Their Own Translation (Read/Write Web) | Google have switched to their own translation system rather than relying on Systran as in the past. The best thing about this story is the comparison of a French translation done by Google’s new engine and Altavista Babelfish: “It was smelled badly at ease, weighed down, dissatisfied like when one received some annoying news.” Quite.
  • Super Stars of the Internet (Neatorama) | A link to a great Youtube video which has pretty much all the fads from the last 7 or 8 years of internet. From Star Wars kid to All Your Base; it’s all there.

  • Eleven Days Awake (Neatorama) | Neatorama again with a super-interesting article about experiments in sleep deprivation. The current record is 449 hours awake.
  • Top 10 Google products you forgot all about (Lifehacker) | Something genuinely useful to finish off: Lifehacker counts down 10 cool Google apps which you either hadn’t heard about or forgot existed. Check out the flight sim hidden in Google Earth, or design your own dream home with Sketchup.
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