My Friends’ Band – Kalidah – Release A Video!

November 3, 2007

Kalidah are a four-piece acoustic/electronic alt-folk outfit based in Newcastle, UK with haunting melodies and harmonies. They’ve just released a superb video for their track ‘It’s Nothing’ ‘Not Quick Enough’ and put it up on Youtube:

I’m plugging this for two reasons: 1) it’s flipping excellent; 2) two friends from my old church in Newcastle happen to be in the band. Also the video reminds me a bit of Radiohead’s Pyramid Song, which is one of my favourite music videos of all time.


3 Responses to “My Friends’ Band – Kalidah – Release A Video!”

  1. Timothy Stafford Says:

    The song’s ‘Not Quick Enough’. I agree the vid’s mint, though. The song’s really good, too.

  2. lostmoya Says:

    Right you are. That other song is rather nice as well.

  3. linus Says:

    too kind sir. Thank you muchly.


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