Addicted To Scrobbling

November 25, 2007

Since joining social music sharing site a few months ago, I’ve experienced a fresh love for all things musical, and I’ve been listening a lot recently. But I’m starting to wonder about my motivation.

Being a male and a bit of a geek, I’ve definitely got a stats-obsessive side to my character, and I think feeds that. I’ll often be surfing with my profile page open, constantly refreshing after every song to check it’s been added (‘scrobbling’ is the terme d’art). I also love the funky graphical depiction of your recent tracks, which I changes as you play music:

Lastfm recent

I remember several years ago when I first heard about it — back when it was called Audioscrobbler — thinking how strange it was that people would willingly install a form of spyware to track their listening habits. Now, after the web 2.0 revolution, here I am obsessively broadcasting every track I which passes through my eardrums to whomever wants to know.

It’s actually turned out to be a halfway-decent way of discovering new music, either by listening to my recommendations, or through checking out what music my friends and ‘neighbours’ are listening to. Most tracks have at least 30 second clips, and there are many good quality full-length mp3s available to play or even download.

Still, as good as it is, I need more friends if this is going to be something that lasts long-term. So, if you’re reading this and are desperate to know about my incredibly refined musical taste, add me as a friend. Come on: let’s make sweet audio stats together!

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