Even More Cloverfield

December 16, 2007

Following the release of the official trailer last month, more footage of the hotly anticipated Cloverfield (01-18-08) has now been released onto the internet. This time it’s a five minute clip, introduced by JJ Abrams, showing some intense Statue of Liberty exploding action. From the looks of this, it seems like this will be an urban Blair Witch Project, but with a much higher effects budget.

This clip is actually from a contest to win a screening of Cloverfield in your home town (if you live in the US of course). The way it works is that you ‘grab’ the widget — i.e. post it on your website, Facebook or MySpace profile, and friends and other users watch it and then post it to their profiles. It’s all part of the larger viral marketing campaign surrounding the movie.

Still no more details on the monster, though: the hype is really building now… Roll on February 1st (UK release date)!

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