More Commoncraft Goodness: Blogs In Plain English

December 16, 2007

Commoncraft logoYou may remember Commoncraft, creators of simple but effective ‘For Dummies’-esque, 3-minute online tutorial videos, such as Social Networking in Plain English and Social Bookmarking in Plain English. I like them because they’re uncomplicated and get straight to the point, packing in enough content to get the message across to newbies without being overwhelming like, say, reading an article at Wikipedia on the same topic.

They’ve recently released a new video entitled Blogs in Plain English, which you can also catch on Youtube:

It’s an interesting take on a complex topic. LeFevre decides to show the difference between ‘old’ news which relied on publishing companies, editors, professional journalists and so on, and ‘new’ 21st century news. The latter, through the internet, allows anyone with an interest in any topic to become a newscaster.

I’d have liked it if they’d given a few seconds to the ‘splog‘ phenomenon, instead of just glossing over with facts about numbers of blogs being on the increase, and ‘oh, look how easy it is, why not start one yourself?’. Still, you can’t have everything: overall, this is a very effective and entertaining introduction to the world of blogging and blogs that even your grandmother could understand.

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