Weekend Clippings 6

January 5, 2008

More stories and snippets which I’ve found interesting, assembled in one place for your browsing pleasure. Where’s yo’ clips at? Right here, slick:

  • Is It Time To Declare Music Downloads A Loss Leader? (Read/WriteWeb) | RWW asks where the music industry is heading after last year’s “pay what you like for our new album” experiments by Radiohead and Trent Reznor. The solution? Release music as free downloads and charge a premium for live shows.
  • Use Your Cell Camera To Find Your Parked Car (Lifehacker) | Okay, so this is a fairly ridiculous lifehack, but that’s one of the reasons I love it. Besides, someone who reads this may have severe spatial awareness issues or something… So, uh, yeah, try using your mobile to help you navigate back to your ride in a busy car park. Or you could just fit insanely ostentatious 22-inch rims and spoilers, thus making your car easier to find and look off tha hook at the same time. Dope.
Pimped Ride
  • The Origami Resolution (Damn Interesting) | From intricate paper insects to a collapsible origami telescope forty times as large as the Hubble. Weird and wonderful.
  • Snorting A Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep (Wired) | Wired reports on an experiment which showed that a nasal spray containing a naturally occurring brain chemical allowed monkeys to perform as well as rested conspecifics on cognitive tests. This may become a sleep-replacement drug in the future.
  • Bad Ideas Can Be Contagious (Washington Post – Science) | Why a forty-year-old experiment by psychologist Stanley Milgram may be relevant to the current credit crunch and housing crisis:

“Shiller argues that patterns of market behavior have a lot in common with infectious diseases. His book explores the idea of “contagion” in financial markets — except that instead of the flu, Shiller talks about the spread of dogmas from one place to another.”

  • Religion Habit Cuts Anxiety In Women (PhysOrg) | This will probably be controversial, but a study found that women who had stopped being “religiously active” from adolescence to adulthood were three times more likely to suffer from generalized anxiety and alcohol abuse than those who remained active.
  • Bible Put On A Pinhead-Sized Chip (BBC News – Technology) | The title says it all. The purpose of this stunt was apparently to increase young people’s interest in nanotechnology.
  • The Google Homepage FAQ (Google Blogoscoped) | Everything you ever wanted to know about the good old Google homepage. Most interesting is how the Google homepage has changed over time.
  • 2007: More Web Design Trends And Cliches (Modern Life Is Rubbish) | Finally, look back fondly over last year’s trends so you can now confidently proclaim: “oh, dahling, broken borders and oversize RSS icons are SO 2007!”
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