Mustn’t Spoil Cloverfield!

January 18, 2008

CloverfieldWell, it’s finally 01-18-08, and Cloverfield is out (in the States at least), which leaves us Brits on the other side of the Atlantic with two whole weeks in which to avoid seeing any spoilers relating to the film (it’s not out until 01/02/08 over here).

Of course, anyone who’s online can hardly go five minutes without seeing a link to a review or a “reveal” of the monster. So now the trick will be summoning the effort to resist clicking on any of these things for fear of spoiling the surprise!

I’ll leave you with the latest official TV “spot” (I guess this means “advert”) to keep you guessing, although I’m sure that by tonight there’ll be hundreds of dodgy phone videos from first night screenings uploaded to youtube — if there aren’t already: I refuse to search for “cloverfield” on youtube for the next two weeks!

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