I4I – Films About Life On London’s Streets

March 8, 2008

Channel 4 recently broadcast an excellent series of short films by 17-year old AJ Nakasila about life on the tough inner city streets of London. Dubbed “I4I” (an eye for an eye), they reveal how hopeless life can be for those who — often through no fault of their own — get caught up in the gang violence.

You can download them all here:

I4I – Films by AJ Nakasila

AJ interviews a number of his friends, all of whom have a different take on their situation. But all have been touched by the harshness of life in the “zones”.

One of the most hopeful is Pat, who was shot for associating with the wrong crowd. Now Pat has tried to put the gangster life behind him, eschewing revenge (or beef, which is a common theme in all the films) for karma. This one’s got a superb soundtrack, too.

I’ve put the first one up on youtube, and intend to upload the rest over the next week:

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