Really Does Keep Track Of What You Listen To

March 19, 2008

I wrote a couple of months ago about‘s new service which allows you to listen to a wide range of full tracks, with the catch being that you get a maximum of three listens to any one song.

Well, I just tried listening to Shakira – Underneath Your Clothes for what was apparently my fourth time and, sure enough, up popped a box saying, pretty much, “that’s your lot”. Here it is, in case you don’t believe me:

Shakira on

So really does keep track of everything you listen to. Okay, so if I was desperate for more Shakira I could create multiple new accounts (presumably indefinitely) to effectively have unlimited plays. But, really, who’s going to go to that sort of trouble?


5 Responses to “ Really Does Keep Track Of What You Listen To”

  1. The Pizzle Says:

    Err… Shakira? For a fourth time? Really?

  2. The Nizzle Says:

    I seriously hope it’s a Dr Dre mashup of Undrneath Your Clothes you’re referring to. Am I right? ‘Underneath Tha Next Episode’, perhaps? Straight Outta Columbia?

    Tell the truth now – your hips don’t lie!

  3. The Pizzle Says:

    We demand answers. In fact, I’ll make it easy for you – please mark in order of preference.

    My idea of a truly delightful night in is…
    1. Tuning in to “Strictly Come Dancing – It Takes Two” to see the hilarious and heart-warming antics of those celebrity-come-skaters.
    2. Putting on a classic DVD – West Side Story, perhaps?
    3. Listening to Shakira’s Magnum Opus: Laundry Service.

  4. lostmoya Says:

    Shakira is a musical and lyrical genius. Her breasts are small and humble so you don’t confuse them with mountains…

    Seriously, Bruce Dickinson was in envy of that line, or so I heard.

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