Weekend Power Troubles Finally Over

April 23, 2008

So it seems that the troubles experienced at HQ in London over the weekend are finally over. To be fair, things had started to return to normal by Sunday evening – after a day of occasional weirdness and disappearing tracks on Saturday.

In fact, none of my scrobbles were lost; the worst damage is a missing shout from the weekend, which isn’t exactly the end of the world. Top marks to the server guys who kept users updated on the blog as the (planned) power outage struck.

It took a few days for everything to iron itself out, but this evening I logged on to a reassuring sight:

Lastfm tracks played

My “tracks played” count, of course! It’s been MIA for a few days so it prompted an incredibly geeky and obsessive sigh from yours truly when it finally reappeared… Must. Play. More. Songs.

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