Vista Service Pack 1: Overview

April 28, 2008

Vista LogoYesterday I installed Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista.

Installing service packs for Microsoft Operating Systems is always something of a heart-in-mouth experience, not least because it takes so blinking long for the installation process to complete. To its credit though, I only had to endure a 20 minute reboot before being back at the desktop where everything looked exactly the same as before.

What? Not even a patronising “Look What’s New in SP1” wizard?

Evidently not. In fact, I had to dig a little before I found any solid facts on the main changes. The main Microsoft Technet article on SP1 is next to useless – it’s all “addressing customer feedback” and “deploying user-focussed solutions to key challenges”-style guff. Okay, so what does it actually do?

Microsoft’s online Help and Support section is similarly low on useful information. That page is all about “enhanced user experience” and making Vista “more enjoyable to use”. Sounds great, right?

If you want to know what’s really going on, you need to go here:

Notable Changes in Windows Vista Service Pack 1

It turns out that the most noticeable improvements are in file management and copying tasks, which are apparently 25% faster when copying files on the same disk. There are also improvements to the hibernation/sleep feature (which I use heavily), and – a potential biggie for gamers – the introduction of Direct3D 10.1.

I’ve only had time to test SP1 out with general internet browsing use, and haven’t really noticed any big differences – then again, I didn’t really have any major issues previously, so that’s probably a good thing. I’ve also taken it for a brief spin with Unreal Tournament 3, and didn’t notice any issues there either. Hey, I’m not complaining!

Another useful resource for the more security-minded (and, let’s face it, who isn’t these days?) can be found here:

Hotfixes and Security Updates included in Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (found via TheTechieGuy)

More hotfixes than you can shake a digital stick at…

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