Fallout 3 Preview At Eurogamer

April 29, 2008

Fallout 3 Logo

Well, damn… A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I last talked about the latest in the Fallout series. Apparently it’s nearly ready, and Eurogamer posted Kieron Gillen’s two-page in-depth preview last Friday…

Okay, I’m seriously salivating over this game now! Not only is the retro-futurist, post-apocalyptic, amoral core of the game present and correct, you also get to play as a child version of your future self! Check out this description of the section where you play a new-born infant:

“Any game which starts you between your mother’s legs, looking up at your dad, and being able to bawl by pressing a button deserves a round of applause. It’s at this point you also decide what you’re going to look like as an adult, and then the game – from your choices – generates what your Dad would have looked like.”

Is this a sideways nod to the unexpected genius that was the first Alien chapter in AvP2? The bit where you play as a facehugger, then as a young alien, bursting out of your victim’s chest (recently memorably replayed by Alec Meer on RPS) was nothing short of spectacular.

Fallout 3’s take is necessarily more subtle: you get the chance to play yourself (?!?) at one, ten, sixteen and nineteen. There’s other good stuff, too – just check the preview. The only partially negative note concerns the combat – a fairly major element of gameplay, admittedly, but I have faith in Bethesda!

I haven’t checked yet, but I imagine that this has already prompted hundreds of angry diatribes over at NMA et. al…

But who cares about the fanboys? Bring it on.

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