Postapocalypse Now!

May 19, 2008

You may not know this, but I have a (possibly unhealthy) fixation with post-apocalyptic fiction. Writing, film or art, it doesn’t matter: I’ll happily consume any of the above voraciously if it’s about life after some global catastrophe which could befall humanity.

I’m currently reading The World Without Us by Alan Weisman (more on that at a later date) which, although not fiction per se, explores what might happen to the earth if humans were to suddenly disappear tomorrow.

When I get a spare couple of hours in the next week, I’m planning on sitting down and writing a much more comprehensive and in-depth post on all of my favourite post-apocalyptic fiction – from John Wyndham to Cormac McCarthy. For now though, you’ll have to content yourself with what I think is a pretty awesome compilation of some of the best post-apocalyptic links on the web:

Lostmoya’s postapocalyptic special!

If you know of any better stuff that I haven’t yet included, please suggest it. Either here in the comments or add me on and send me links. The more post-apocalyptic the better!

Like this, for example. My latest find is a series of lithographs of post-apocalyptic Tokyo, by Japanese artist Hisaharu Motoda:

Post-apocalyptic ruins


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  1. hannah Says:

    post-apocalyptic fiction has fascinated me since i read “girl who owned a city” as a child. i devour it with a sense of morbid anticipation.

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