Audiosurf: Dethron’d

June 29, 2008

No, this isn’t about me stumbling upon an Audiosurf-killer. It’s about the game emailing you whenever someone beats your score! Check this out (via Google Mail):


Now, I don’t know who this Disco8X might be, but he’s going down! No one’s beating my Casual score for “Let Me Drown” by Soundgarden.

*Ten minutes and several attempts later…*

Okay, well it seems Disco8X ain’t no fool. Part of the problem is that it’s going to be difficult – if not impossible – to score any higher than I already have done on my favourite game mode (Mono). Whereas he (or she) has been using the more complicated, but potentially much higher scoring Pointman character.


But still, it’s neat that Audiosurf mails you to let you know when you’ve been beaten and humiliated. At least, I think that’s neat…


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  1. mashimom Says:

    When I am not able to get to the top through Mono I usually go for Vegas or Eraser, indeed higher base scores. But you can switch ironmode on and try not to have any mistakes, it does pay off.

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