Cuil: Epic Search Fail

July 28, 2008

Apologies for the tired old fail blog meme, but it seems particularly appropriate for the results I got from Cuil (pronounced “Cool” – yes, really) just now, the latest semantic/web 3.0/buzzword-baiting search engine from former Google employees that’s unfortunately turned out to be approximately 5,000,000 times less effective than Google:

Cuil - Fail

Cuil - Epic Search Fail

Inevitably the blogosphere (and Friendfeed) is already abuzz with tales of Cuil’s rampant ineptitude – note that some of these reviews do point out some positives, but then they all managed to get a results page, which is more than I got in two minutes twenty seconds of frantic F5-ing.

Still, it’s clad in a mysterious black colour scheme, which is always a plus, surely.


One Response to “Cuil: Epic Search Fail”

  1. Toni Anicic Says:

    There server is overloaded? So what? It only means they got more popular today then anyone ever expected (with all thees buzzs around the blogosphere). I believe they are the only search engine out there that COULD stand a fighting chance against Google, not because they are better or the best but because they got traffic. Lots of traffic.

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