Fallout 3 Gameplay Videos

September 7, 2008

I must’ve been filing my nails or something when this was announced, but in any case, last week Bethesda posted a total of five gameplay videos of the lukewarmly anticipated (in certain quarters) Fallout 3 on Youtube.

I of course am anything but lukewarm about the latest instalment of the post-apocalyptic RPG masterseries. See for yourself.

The latest set of videos confirm that the black humour and gritty atmosphere of Fallouts 1 and 2 are present and correct. The second video in particular (entitled “Megaton” and shown below) contains a surprisingly high naughty word count. I’m also loving the ability to plant live grenades on people when pickpocketing them (see the second video below, entitled “Tenpenny Tower”).

The five videos tell a story of sorts as they show the player taking on and completing a simple quest, which has explosive consequences. It’s nice to see the range of conversation options, and hopefully this will go some way to assuaging the unbelievers. However I suspect that some of the haters have now elevated their dislike for this game to a crusade, unable to view any aspect of the game in a positive light.

For what it’s worth, RockPaperShotgun has given it a tentative thumbs up and they’ve also announced that the EU release date is three days after the US. Damn them! In any case it’s on my Amazon wishlist as of this afternoon.

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