5000 Tracks Scrobbled On Last.fm

September 17, 2008

A landmark event! Earlier today I listened to my 5,000th track on Last.fm:

FeistThe Water

And what a fittingly awesome tune to mark the occasion! My last major Last.fm landmark was back in January, at which point I’d listened to 1,000 tracks.

Interestingly, between the time I passed the 5,000 mark this morning and the time of writing this, Last.fm has altered the way it displays your track count. It now looks a little like an old-school tape deck counter.

Nice touch!

Additionally, when you hover over the count it tells you your average number of tracks per day. Mine currently stands at 13 per day. Not bad – equivalent to roughly one album’s worth of songs consumed every day. But could do better! Actually though, this data is skewed because I didn’t really use Last.fm much for the first couple of months back when I installed it. Also, since January I’ve been listening to a lot more music!

If, like me, you’re a stats-fiend and you also love Last.fm, you could do worse than checking out the Last.fm Stats group! This includes links to all sorts of tag cloud generators and eclectic music/open-mindedness calculators based on your listening history in Last.fm.

See you back here in about 8 months when I hit the 10K mark. By my calculations, I’ll need to up my listening game to an average of just 20.5 tracks per day to reach this within 8 months.


3 Responses to “5000 Tracks Scrobbled On Last.fm”

  1. Daan Says:

    How do you know when you’ve listened to your 1000th (just an example) track? I really like that and I want it on my profile too 🙂

  2. lostmoya Says:

    You have to keep an eye on your last.fm profile page when you’re nearing the milestone. I’m afraid I don’t know of any more technologically advanced way to find out what your 1000th (etc.) track was.

    But if you search for last.fm badges you can put them on your profile with 1000 tracks scrobbled etc.

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