Abandonment and Urban Decay

October 11, 2008

(This was originally posted on my tumblelog on 22nd August 2008):

I’ve been finding that there’s a strange beauty in photos of abandoned buildings, lonely places, slow deterioration and the gradual reclamation of the highest works of man by nature.

For me, it allows a vision of a post-apocalyptic planet without the pain and horror of the apocalypse. It’s always been the aftermath – not the disaster – that enthralls me.

To that end, why not dine on the following delights:

Detroit Wonderland

Detroit Wonderland | Julia Solis

Ars Subterranea

Ars Subterranea | Papciak and Sias

Opacity - Hellingly Asylum

Opacity | Hellingly Asylum

See also:

Flickr – Urban Abandonments

Infiltration.org – Whitby Psychiatric Hospital


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