Fallout 3 Balance Overhaul

January 4, 2009

I’ve recently been trying out this popular mod for Fallout 3 in an attempt to reinvigorate my experience after over 50 hours with the game. You can read more about the (many) changes it makes here:

Fallout 3 Balance Overhaul, Readme v0.82 beta

It’s all about adding an extra jolt of realism (damage increases) and immersion (energy, hunger, addiction), while at the same time giving you a bunch of new perks and skill effects to play around with.

There are too many changes to list and it will probably take many hours of playtesting to decide whether I like it or not. You can enable or disable any of the many listed mods individually, or just bang ’em all in with what the author calls the “Full Preconfig Standalone Mod”. That’s the one I’ve gone for in the first instance, since I can’t be bothered micromanaging my mods at this stage.

First impressions are that it makes the Fallout 3 world a much more dangerous place! Weapons do far more damage and sneaking is a lot harder. I’ve yet to see how the hunger and thirst mods work, since I haven’t played for long enough. That’s another story: the mod caused a serious crash after about 20 minutes of play which forced me to hard reboot Vista (very unusual in my experience).

Despite the setback, I will persevere.

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