Watchmen Less Than A Week Away!

February 28, 2009

That’s right, and my anticipation has reached fever pitch!

It seems crazy to think that it was almost 11 months ago that I blogged about the upcoming Watchmen adaption, and here it is just around the corner.

Reviews are already coming in thick and fast – the film had its UK premiere at Leicester Square on 23rd February. To say that they’re “mixed” would be an understatement. Although the Rotten Tomatoes meter currently stands at 81%, I don’t think that tells the full story: many of the reviews point to Zack Snyder’s dogged insistence on sticking to the source material as one of the things holding Watchmen back from being a truly great film. But this is surely a case of “damned if you do…” for Snyder who, as a fan of the comic book, knows more than anyone what the reaction would’ve been if he’d made significant changes or cuts. And that doesn’t stop longtime Watchmen fanboy Michael Moran from gushing all over the movie in his Times blog review:

Watchmen is a watershed moment in comic book action. It’s the movie where, if you’ll forgive me, things went from juvenile to Juvenal. If you’ve read the book, see it. If you haven’t, see it twice.

All that said, I’m still psyched about seeing it on the 6th March when it’s out officially in the UK.

And if you need more hype, how about checking out some of the clips posted on imdb and youtube. I particularly like the Dr Manhattan ones:

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