Abandoned Scottish Village to be Demolished

June 24, 2009

The BBC reports that Polphail, a village built in Argyll in the 70s to meet the demands of the fledging oil industry, is to be demolished.

The strange thing about Polphail is that it was never occupied:

Keys still dangle on a board waiting for tenants who would never arrive. Coat hangers remain in cupboards and rusting washing machines stand idle, dreaming of their first spin cycle.

There’s a definite post-apocalyptic feel about the derelict houses lying empty and unused. There are some excellent images of the abandoned Polphail at local photographer Philippa Elliott’s website:

Philippa Elliot >> Polphail

And on Flickr:

Flickr >> Polphail Set


2 Responses to “Abandoned Scottish Village to be Demolished”

  1. J Pizzle Says:

    Great link Dave, thanks. There’s a couple that make me want to paint.

  2. JmcF Says:

    This place is really earey. We went out that way from our homes in Dunoon a few years ago and always wanted to back and have another look around.

    It was a weird atmosphere to say the least.

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