About This Blog

This blog is an occasional journal of some of my interests and passions. It’s about science and technology news, internet trivia, web 2.0 trends & culture, gaming, music and films. I update regularly, so feel free to subscribe to my RSS feed via Feedburner.

I also welcome comments, so please tell me what you think by commenting on my posts. Don’t worry if there’s a delay in your comment appearing – it may have been sent for moderation, but I usually approve everything that isn’t spam.

On the left side of every page you’ll see my sidebar. The top half of the sidebar is dedicated to the content on this blog: so you’ll see lists of my top and recent posts, a search box, categories, and a tag cloud to make it easier to find posts about topics you’re interested in. There are also various options for subscribing to the RSS feed, as well as a calendar view to show when I’ve been blogging.

In the bottom half of the sidebar are RSS feeds to my recentΒ lifestream updates. These will frequently be updated with links as I blog on tumblr and posterous, submit links to delicious, tweet, and listen to music on last.fm.


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