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Twitter Science?

April 16, 2009

I came across the below while reading an @mashable tweet about how to retweet:

What we see here is that while the number of followers exposed to a Tweet does have a positive effect on the number of times that Tweet is ReTweeted, it is a weak correlation, meaning that other factors play a much larger role. By calculating a ReTweets-per-follower ratio for 20,000 users and graphing the distribution of that metric we see that while most users have a similar ratio, there does exist a class of users with a much higher ReTweets-to-follower number.

via The Science of ReTweets.

Check it out! Twitter science with proper stats and everything! I don’t know what this means for me, but I think maybe I should get onto graphing my metrics in the morning.

(I think what it actually means is that number of followers doesn’t have as big an impact as you might expect on how often something is retweeted.)


Human Error Behind Google’s Search Fail

February 1, 2009

My wife and I experienced this yesterday. Searching for our local Odeon cinema threw up a “This site may harm your computer” warning in Google and blocked access:

Human Error Causes Google’s ‘Epic Fail’ – ReadWriteWeb

Okay, I thought, that’s a little weird. To access the website we had to type it into the Firefox address bar. A few minutes later, Jen was searching for the UK’s Foreign Office website to check travel advice. When is flagged as potentially harmful on Google then there’s something wrong at the big G’s end of the internet!

Still, at least they nobly admitted the error (the accidental insertion of “/” in their list of blacklisted sites, a character which is of course included in the URL of every website known to man) rather than trying to cover it up.

Since it only lasted about an hour, I doubt it’ll have any lasting effects on the use of Google as the premier search engine. Although maybe it will have opened some people’s eyes to the world of alternative search engines. Just like everything involving computers, it’s always worth having a backup.

Using Google Chrome At Work!

September 3, 2008

Here’s a picture of me using Google’s new browser at work:


Using Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome

I’m quite excited about this, since I usually have to put up with Internet Explorer during my 9-5, but for some reason my work PC allowed me to install Chrome! Sadly I can’t install any Adobe Flash plugins here without administrative privileges, so I can’t currently view videos on Youtube (or anywhere else for that matter) within Chrome, making this little more than a pretty diversion at this stage.

I also have the same middle mouse scroll issue on my work mouse (which is Dell) as I do at home (which is Logitech), so methinks Google have screwed up somewhere here.


Google Chrome logo

Google Chrome logo


Still, it’s a very pretty browser – and lightning fast too! The above screenshot shows me using one of Chrome’s nifty features: dragging a tab into its own window.

You can also create shortcuts directly to your favourite webpages from the desktop, which then run in their own window sans address bar. This is all part of what Google are referring to as the new breed of “web applications”, but I’m still struggling to understand why you’d want to open a browser window without an address bar. Maybe I’m missing something here…

There are other neat features, like the new tab button displaying a list of your favourite and recently visited sites, and the address bar itself which goes one stage further than Firefox 3’s Awesome Bar and allows you to run Google searches directly.

As you might expect, the early adopter/tech geek crowd are abuzz with a cacophony of opinions. Some love it; others aren’t so sure. Try searching Friendfeed for the latest rants, thoughts and fanboy speculation!