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Official Facebook App Cleaner Coming Soon

January 14, 2008

I blogged about the Clean Profile app last week, but now Facebook have made their own announcement:

Hide Facebook Apps: Official Tool Coming Soon (Read/Write Web)

This is the official response to the growing user base which feels Facebook has become far too cluttered of late, with new applications springing up every day, and many people adding indiscriminately. The sheer number of new applications — in conjunction with the dubious spamming tactics used to proliferate them — has become a well-documented nuisance among the Facebook community.

Although it’s obviously welcome news that something is finally being done, I can’t help but feel that Facebook is coming at the problem from a strange angle. Instead of allowing the end user to decide how much clutter they want to view on friends’ pages (as per Clean Profile), the official response puts the onus on the clutterer. It’s an opportunity for users to “clean up their mess” effectively.

The idea is you will create an “extended profile” into which you can shove all the application junk you rarely use, leaving the default profile as a clean, quick-loading summary page. That’s the plan anyway… I suppose time will tell how well this works. What’s certain right now is that application developers are (understandably) not impressed, since this move will inevitably curtail their market-spread.


Clean Up Your Friends’ Facebook Profiles

January 5, 2008

Clean Profile LogoClean Profile (found via Mashable) is a new Facebook application which allows you to view any of your friends’ profiles without hundreds of crappy applications cluttering everything up, slowing things down and generally making life unpleasant.

Let’s face it, although I love wading through reams of forwarded posts on Super Wall Pro Elite, growing flowers, fish, ninjas, pirates, zombies, vampires, hugs, gifts and on and on as much as the next guy, I would hate to think I was in any way imposing my lack of style or design prowess on any of my good Facebook buddies.

Facebook application bloatEnter Clean Profile, which has the potential to silence all those boring old farts who can’t cope with today’s brash, bold profile pages crammed full of application goodness.

It’s not quite there yet, since you can’t currently view mini-feeds. You’ll also have to click a link to view wall posts, but there’s no denying that this could become a lifeline for all those contemplating leaving Facebook because of the epic levels of bloat on some profiles.

By the way, you can click here to visit my clean profile. Enjoy!

Facebook Ate My Scrabble

August 24, 2007

From the glut of applications to flood the Facebook market recently, Scrabulous has been — for me — one of the most fun.

Scrabulous 1

The premise is simple: play Scrabble online and (preferably) win. It’s a classic formula. But of course, this isn’t really Scrabble™-Scrabble, it’s a popular word game in which each player is given a rack of seven letters of varying points value, and players take turns to build words on a grid in which certain squares give bonuses. See? Nothing like Scrabble™

Right, as long as the Hasbro representative has clicked elsewhere, we can continue.

Scrabulous is a perfect fit for the Facebook platform. It’s simple but addictive; it allows several players at once; and the interface is highly intuitive. Unfortunately, it’s been plagued by instability problems pretty much since day one, and this has caused me more than a little consternation. Even today, as I was about to make a slick triple-word score move, I encountered the ubiquitous error screen yet again.

The good news is that it seems to have overcome many of the long-term outages that were common as recent as a couple of weeks ago, and the developers seem genuinely committed to making things work. So if you’re into words, or if you just want a marginally educational way to while away your lunch hour at work, I’d heartily recommend Scrabulous. But get in quick before it goes down again:

Scrabulous 3