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Presidential Tag Clouds… Of The Future!

February 10, 2008

Remember the site which showed you all the buzzwords from the last two hundred-odd years of the US State of the Union? Here’s another I came across just now, but this time it’s a wry look at what the speech might look like in 70 years or so:

2080 State of the Union Address: Key Terms and Phrases (via

Highlights include ‘Engorged Benefactor Larvae’, ‘Iraq 2.0’, ‘September 11’ and ‘Metaeducation Implants’.

(By the way, here’s the real one for 2008 in case you were wondering…)


One Small Buzzword For Man…

February 24, 2007

So you work in an office?

Ever been asked to share best practice with colleagues from Finance? How about actioning an email before close of play? Or what about driving forward customer-focused solutions?

It’s a place of braindumps, blue-sky thinking, and early doors meetings. And I for one can’t get enough…

Here’s the editor of Techworld‘s take on it all, with a story of a recent buzzword-ridden job interview:

The buzzword-filled interview from hell
(via Reddit)

Two And A Half Centuries Of Presidential Buzzwords

November 5, 2006

Here’s a useful little tool showing the hot topics of the day for every US President from John Adams to George W Bush in the form of a tag cloud:

US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud
(via Boingboing)

Just drag the slider at the top to the left or right to zip through the years and get an impression of which issues were important.

What’s most interesting is watching how Public Enemy No. 1 changes from Indians to the Japanese to Germans to Vietnam to Saddam in less than a century. And what was the most used word in George W’s last State of the Union Address? Well, it starts with ‘T’…