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Using Google Chrome At Work!

September 3, 2008

Here’s a picture of me using Google’s new browser at work:


Using Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome

I’m quite excited about this, since I usually have to put up with Internet Explorer during my 9-5, but for some reason my work PC allowed me to install Chrome! Sadly I can’t install any Adobe Flash plugins here without administrative privileges, so I can’t currently view videos on Youtube (or anywhere else for that matter) within Chrome, making this little more than a pretty diversion at this stage.

I also have the same middle mouse scroll issue on my work mouse (which is Dell) as I do at home (which is Logitech), so methinks Google have screwed up somewhere here.


Google Chrome logo

Google Chrome logo


Still, it’s a very pretty browser – and lightning fast too! The above screenshot shows me using one of Chrome’s nifty features: dragging a tab into its own window.

You can also create shortcuts directly to your favourite webpages from the desktop, which then run in their own window sans address bar. This is all part of what Google are referring to as the new breed of “web applications”, but I’m still struggling to understand why you’d want to open a browser window without an address bar. Maybe I’m missing something here…

There are other neat features, like the new tab button displaying a list of your favourite and recently visited sites, and the address bar itself which goes one stage further than Firefox 3’s Awesome Bar and allows you to run Google searches directly.

As you might expect, the early adopter/tech geek crowd are abuzz with a cacophony of opinions. Some love it; others aren’t so sure. Try searching Friendfeed for the latest rants, thoughts and fanboy speculation!


Reflections On PicLens

July 10, 2008

PicLens is a visualization extension for Firefox…


Piclens for Firefox

It’s also one of the coolest looking things this side of a Mac. Once you’ve installed it, you can click the Piclens icon in the top right hand corner of the browser at any time and search for images on Google, Flickr or Photobucket. You can also search Youtube for video.

The end result is an instant 3D swooshy-swirly picture/video viewer interface. It’s as easy to use as any professionally-produced alternative and looks as good as, if not better than Vista’s built-in picture viewer. And it’s free of course.

There are a few sites which support Piclens; as well as the aforementioned Google Image Search, Youtube, Flickr and Photobucket, you’ll find support on Facebook and WordPress, among others. Browsing Facebook photos in Piclens is much more convenient and useful than Facebook’s own clunky photo album system.

Firefox 3: Missing In Action

June 17, 2008

Today sees the release of Firefox 3 final, but as of this posting the official download site as well as Mozilla’s site are both out of action. Not a great start for their world record attempt!

According to a ZDnet posting you can get the final Firefox 3 release from Softpedia, though I’m not sure whether that will count towards the world record.

** UPDATE ** More alternative download sites just posted on reddit: mirrors

** UPDATE 2 ** And more alternative links here. None of these will count towards the (now slightly laughable) world record.

** UPDATE 3 ** 3 hours later… It’s finally working! Yay! Download is now proceeding at snail’s pace.

So Firefox 3 Is Looking Pretty Awesome

June 9, 2008

Firefox logoAnd “awesome” is the operative word, as Mike Beltzner explains:

Overview of Firefox 3 (via Reddit)

This presentation, one of many to have appeared online over the past months, showcases Firefox 3’s impressive multi-tasking address bar. Though now it’s so much more than an address bar, hence the “awesome bar” moniker.

I particularly like the one-click add to favourites button and ability to sort through and tag anything you think is worth keeping. I imagine there’ll be a extension soon (if there isn’t already) which will integrate sharing features and allow you to keep all your bookmarks in one place.

Foxmarks currently does something similar, but I would appreciate an add-on which allows you to import your current bookmarks into Firefox (and vice versa).

We won’t have long to wait: the final release is scheduled for mid-June or you could grab release candidate 3 now.